Tara embodies pure unconditional love. She channels deep wisdom that takes you beyond the conditioned mind patterns. Connecting you to your soul, empowering YOU to be your own authority and most precious angel and guide. Just being in her energy is healing, there is an all encompassing love and compassion for all. A deep reverence for every soul. She is truly a rose, a Rose of Consciousness.
— Tina Q., Sweden
Hello Tara,

I am very thankful. I wish I could adequately articulate how I feel after connecting with you.

Your words resonate with me. I felt a deep sense of contentment and peace all day yesterday. Even during stressful moments at work.

Sometimes I believe in the inner power within me and other times I have trouble connecting with it. And then I don’t believe it is there.

You have a beautiful gift and it is a blessing you share it with us.
— Amisha K, LA
Thank you so much for my reading. It has already helped me move out of the space I was in and I am feeling more peace now. ... I really appreciate you doing these two readings for me. I am so grateful for all your love and kindness, and for the time put into creating the videos.
— Rosanne, Australia
Funny that you mentioned in the reading that he wants to reach out to me because he actually did...texted me an hour and a half after our session. Thanks again for the insight and your guidance.
Love and light to you.
— name withheld for privacy, WA
I want to say for others that my reading with Tara was very helpful! She “got” my dog Sage immediately and unquestionably. It was very important and helpful for me to hear him “speak” about his current health issues from his perspective. Tara was able to help me put my fears about his health into the context of the process, rather than the blocks that I had been creating, and this has been very beneficial to both of us as we move forward. The fears have lessened as we progress on our healing journey.

Tara was instantly able to reach my recently deceased best friend and spoke nearly verbatim the words of our last conversation. She brought cleansing understanding and release for me about that profound loss. I have had a greater sense of peace about my dear friend since the reading, and have been easily able to exchange the grieving for deep gratitude.

Tara and I shared laughter and tears and goosebumps through various parts of the reading (her laugh is delightful!) and I felt her energy throughout. I was very impressed with her speed and accuracy as she “got” things as we went along. I also felt a great depth of compassion from her as we focused on the deep issues.

I would highly recommend Tara! I will be returning for more readings from her in the future.
— Barbara B, IA
I am grateful for the reading from Tara. As someone who appreciates and thrives on structure, Tara was able to convey what she saw for me so I understood it with a new perspective. The things she went over were definitely some of my biggest concerns. The chaos of life is not just real but sometimes necessary to realign things. That reminder is helping me actually enjoy the chaos a little more… Or to at least stop fighting it so much! I feel empowered with information that was just for me and reassured about the steps I am making. I am a firm believer that we all need a little help now and then. I know Tara will be able to help you connect a few dots and relay some information meant just for you, like she did for me!
— Sherry M, CA
I’ve always wanted to have my cards read. That was amazing. I feel like I could go out and do something amazing right now! Thank you.
— Eibhlinn A, WA
I just wanted to say thank you (which hardly seems like enough) for our healing session.
For so long I have heard that things would change when I could love myself more and really embrace self love. It seemed like no matter what I did I could never love myself enough to get past the hump. Our session made me realize how far I had buried some things that were making me feel undeserving of love even from myself. It was hard to bring some of that up and to sit with it, but you shined such a bright gentle light in that I knew it was ok to let it out and let it go. I know there is so much integration and healing still to do but the change I have felt in the last few days is indescribable. Thank you for sharing your light with me
Jeepers, you were right on the money! I’m probably still processing...

The past life you mentioned in the reading was quite interesting. I didn’t really get any specific visuals popping into my head when you brought it up, but over the course of the day, all of the pieces fell into place. It was like you had given me the underlying structure, the dressmaker’s dummy if you will, and I could pin all of the disparate thoughts and feelings together into something that made sense.

I know you don’t really need validation, but felt a strong push to tell you. Thank you.
— Megan, CA
My heart is so full of gratitude! There are no words to adequately express how I feel...Thank you! Thank you for sharing your love, your talent, your Divine gifts with me. You have truly helped elevate my spirit and mind.
— Dionka J., GA
Hi Tara,

It’s been over a month since you gave me the reading. There has been so many times that I’ve been wanting to reach out and tell you how Thankful I’ve been.

I wanted to thank you. You are a true gift from God! And even though I don’t truly know you I’m thankful for you! You’re a beautiful person and spirit. Thank you Tara!!!!
— Stephanie, W
Tara Rose has an uncanny ability to apply broad listening to very individuated matters. Because of this, she is able to help her clients discern what it is that their souls are trying to real-ize. She does this with a gentleness that reminds us that we really are not alone but, rather, incredibly connected. When one catches a good glimpse of this (the larger Love that Tara so intelligently offers), it’s as if a veil has been lifted.
— Name withheld for privacy.
Do you have a camera on me??? Lol amazing, you are! To quote Yoda... Thanks for sharing your talents with us!
— name withheld for privacy, CT
This reading was crazy accurate! I loved it! I have so much respect for you. I love your gentleness and compassion. You are soothing and comforting
— Alison T, CO
I contacted Tara regarding information about my father who had passed away. She cleared up some murky details about his passing and where he currently is on his journey. The reading now has opened me up to heal this part of my life. She was not satisfied with the reading until I was satisfied with the reading. There was no pressure to cut things short and she let me take it slow and easy because it was a difficult thing to talk about. I would recommend her to anyone that is trying to get in contact with someone that has passed. I am extremely satisfied and will be contacting her again for more readings. Thanks Again!!
— Justin G, CA
My reading with Tara brought some things to the surface that needed healing. She is very sensitive and I immediately felt safe to open up and to receive the gift of her nessage. Thank you Tara!
— Roz E, CA
It’s been a week since I had my reading with Tara.. I still remember the session vividly since what we discussed resonated so deeply with me. The topic of relationships has been a trigger of mine for almost 20 years, so it is with great relief that she was able to read the energy of all family members involved and provide guidance on my issues. It gave me clarity and focus, and dispelled the lingering doubts I’ve had for over 5 years. Even when the news is “bad” or can be seen as an ending, Tara is able to break it to you with compassion and empathy. If you are at a crossroads in your life, or you find yourself not able to move forward in some aspect, get clarity and talk to Tara. I highly recommend her services.
— Tran K., CA
I had a really meaningful session with Tara. She was able to connect with some old friends that have long passed away and gave me some really special info. She also enabled me to get past a creative block I was having. I highly recommend using Tara to connect to the other side.
— Sarah B, HI
Affirms how I felt his presence, after his death. .. Thank you so much. I am passing that message along to those closest, too.
— Michelle F, WA
I want to thank you again for an awesome read.. I so enjoyed the whole conversation... I feel really loved and cared for.
— Eve A, AZ
I would like to thank Tara Rose for her reading on our adopted angel Daisy [cat]. Her insight into Daisy’s feelings was very helpful and will allow us to better give her comfort and let her know that we want her in our family.
Tara was also able to connect with our Rosy [dog] who we lost to liver cancer 3 years ago, and she allowed me to let go of the guilt I was feeling about her death, Rosy told me that it was in her contract to leave us when she did and thanked us for the loving home she had shared with us.
Tara also connected with our Lucy [dog] and found that she was a very happy girl and loved being the center of our life.
Tara also had a little for me! She saw a narrow body of water that spread out into a vast river ahead of me indicating that there will be many more gifts to be received.
Thank you Tara and I do recommend her with her many gifts that she has to share.
— Linda H., FL

Thank you so much. That reading was amazing 🙌🏽. It brought me to tears several times... I think I cried nearly the whole reading. So many beautiful messages! ... Wow. Everything resonated! So many synchronicities! Thank you again for all of your beautiful energy that went into my reading; I am truly grateful. This was kind of surreal for me. I look forward to reaching out to you again. Enjoy the rest of the beautiful summer.

With love...
— Amy L., NY
Thank you so much for the reading and for squeezing me in. It truly resonates with me on so many levels. It spoke to my heart. And I love your energy. You’re awesome. I am sure I will be coming back to you for more guidance soon. Thank you again.
— Irina, MA
Tara’s guidance has been golden. She has helped me on my journey to my true self. Trust, faith and enjoy the beauty of becoming. I definitely recommend her lovely service.
— L. T., CA
Tara is supportive, kind, and will guide you in the right direction. She highlights areas of movement that you may have not even realized you could be focusing on.
— Devora, K., HI
Hi Tara

I just wanted tell you how helpful this reading was for me. I used the affirmations you suggested with regards to trusting in divine timing and really helped me to be ok with the holding pattern I was in.

Thank you for the work you do. I feel blessed to have received guidance from you.

Lots of love...
— Name withheld for privacy.
My session with Tara was a very loving, sweet experience. She helped connect me to loved ones in such a gentle way and participated in the reading as a guide and teacher herself. She is very connected and reported information that was important for my soul growth. The reading ended with me feeling loved and empowered. I highly recommend her.
— Kathy D, CO
I consider myself somewhat of a skeptic, and Tara was the first person to convince me that she has access to another, more spirit oriented world. This is perhaps because she wasn’t trying to convince me, she was simply sharing her vulnerable experience of publicly owning her talents. Tara gave me a tarot card reading, which was more thorough than I had previously experienced. Many of the cards were so dead on I couldn’t help but laugh. Tara shared her interpretation of the cards and created a space where I could share what was going on for me and how it aligned with the reading.
— Sophie S, CA
My dog Bailey and I saved each other about 3 years ago. I had just had back surgery and Bailey was in need of a new home as hers was being torn apart. There were issues from the start. But now after having our talk thru Tara Rose, we understand each other so much better. She also connected to a former cat from my days on the farm. And I learned her fate. Also, other than connecting you to your pets, she sent me a wave of energy that got rid of my brain fog and got my body tingling so i had to get up and move around. After days of no energy and headaches and brain fog. I.am now out enjoy the day with Bailey. Thank you Tara Rose, you are the real deal.
— Jane R, IL
I feel like a great weight has been lifted off me. You have a real gift. Thank you.
— Janet H, PA
Dear Tara, I’ve been in a really deep place ever since talking with you today. Peace, depth, gratitude and appreciation... Not sure how to describe this feeling... Just deep. ...You got things so fast and I felt those things as truth as soon as you spoke them. And, I loved that you told me to do the purging and self-love journals and that I’d just gotten 3 sparkle-covered journals last week. Hadn’t even thought of what I’d fill them with yet, just knew they needed to come home with me from the office store… Thank you so much.
— name withheld for privacy
There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique.
— Martha Graham