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Tarot with Tara

Tarot with Tara


Tarot is a remarkable mirror for the soul, and one's most intimate life, and I use it as a tool to empower you!

At age four, due to a rather unusual childhood, I learned my first tarot spread (yes, you read that right!), and throughout my life used this tool to support friends until being more public with this work in 2015. While tarot is not used in all of my sessions, some clients really enjoy having the visual connection and unique elements that the tarot brings. It is always a pleasure to use it for your growth and deeper understanding! 

To schedule a tarot appointment, you can book a one-on-one one Guidance Session in the Bloom with Me section or email Sometimes I make short video recorded readings available, as well, but they are limited—if any are available, they will be listed under the Bloom with Me services.


"Jeepers, you were right on the money! I’m probably still processing... 
The past life you mentioned in the reading was quite interesting. I didn’t really get any specific visuals popping into my head when you brought it up, but over the course of the day, all of the pieces fell into place. It was like you had given me the underlying structure, the dressmaker’s dummy if you will, and I could pin all of the disparate thoughts and feelings together into something that made sense. I know you don’t really need validation, but felt a strong push to tell you. Thank you."
-Megan, CA