Connect with your truest self, and create your inspired life.

Tara Rose

say yes to who you are


When you say yes to yourself,

you allow the world to say yes to you.


Tara Rose has lived her life with an awareness of other dimensions and realms of existence. She has always known she is a spirit living through a body and has a rich personal history connected to mediumship and the healing arts. Yet it wasn’t until completing her Masters of Arts in Teaching that she realized she has a mission to bring these gifts to the world in a more public way.

Combining her abilities to be both a grounded classroom teacher and a powerful intuitive, she is here to help adults remember who they are at the deepest level. She is committed to helping others access their own authentic connection with Spirit and the child within, living a life that is authentic and joyous. 

Tara works to empower the soul within the everyday life of her clients. Her work brings clarity and deep peace, and she bridges the tangible and intangible realms while helping others learn how to forge these connections for themselves. Tara has a gift for seeing her clients' next edge for growth, quickly helping others connect dots and release hidden limiting beliefs. 

Her mission is to empower all who come her way, helping each individual to dance their own unique dance with life.

We are the collective awakening of humanity. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

You are the one.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment with Tara Rose, please contact her at or 530-615-6080 (US only/ no texts).