When you say yes to yourself,

you allow the world to say yes to you.


A little bit about me and my work as a Modern Mystic...

Until 2015, I was always a  "closeted" mystic, unwilling to share my gifts publicly. And until even more recently, I was a "reluctant mystic." Though I often did readings for others throughout my life, learned the tarot at a young age, remembered past lives, experienced spirits, travelled out of body, and all kinds of crazy sh*t, for many reasons I kept it all mostly under wraps.

Yet the journey to being public with my intuitive awareness and modern form of mysticism has been among the greatest of my life. Though my willingness to be public with my gifts, I  both expanded my own experience of life and gained the satisfaction of witnessing many transform through the joy of my work.

Like all things in life, I had my own timing to bloom. And all of my resistance served a purpose: other trials in life, as well as a Masters in Teaching and time spent in many classrooms, taught me a strength, steadiness, and peace that I bring to what I do now, and is ultimately what I help clients find, no matter how they come to me for support. For it is true--what we are truly seeking is this peace that resides at the center of our being. And this connection with self is an inexplicably transformative force.

I am passionate about helping each of you bloom in your on way, time, and beauty, too. Each being has a perfect way of showing up, and I seek always to mirror back to you more of your true power and truth.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me, in whatever way you have, whethr as a client or subscriber on YouTube, our paths are interwoven, and I'm glad it could be that way!

You Are The One!