Align Your Life Session


Align Your Life Session


We are all here to give and express in unique ways. It’s time to align with even more of your power and purpose!

In this session I use Human Design and North Node Astrology to help you align with yourself, your desires, and your innate power at a deeper level.

During this time I will:

*Give strategies and insights regarding living your design, using the Human Design System. In this system, Tara is a Projector, and is here to guide others to use their energy and talents in the wisest way.

*Use your Astrology Chart to help you understand your soul’s evolution, via how you (and the rest of your chart) are relating to your North and South Nodes. The Nodes, and how we relate to them, contain many of our deepest core wounds, as well as the power and gifts we are here to step into.

Combining these two tools gives unusual insight into your soul’s desires and purpose in this life.

These sessions contain a LOT of information and on occasion people opt to do a second session to learn even more. Regardless, the information that is received in a single session is rich enough to continue working with for a long time to come and can also be utilized in other guidance sessions, as you continue to align with even more of your passion and purpose.

When you purchase your session, please email with your birth information, including date, time, and place!

*Sessions are approximately 60min long and are scheduled at 9am pacific time Tuesday - Thursday!

**While this is something that I often do with clients I meet with regularly, I am offering this as a special individual session on a trial basis. These sessions may only be available for a limited time, and/or the price may change!

Thanks for joining me in the journey!


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