Love Creates Infinite Openings: The Impossible Made Possible!

Love brings the sea into boiling

and turns the mountains into pebble.

Love creates infinite openings

in the dark sky and shudders

the earth with its magnitude.

~Rumi/Alana Fairchild



With God (or insert your favorite term), with Love, all is possible. When we align with truth, with the God and force of Love within us, life opens in beautiful new ways.

Part of what we are here to remember is that we are unlimited beings; we can let this power and beauty flow through us. We are divine source energy having an often very clumsy but still remarkable experience of life.

"We only limit what we believe to be possible by our lack of imagination! The Divine has recourse to all that is and all that is yet to be. Is there any limit to the resources of the heavens? No!" ~Alana Fairchild

The divine opens all doors. Love makes all things possible. Can you shift your perception enough to be open to the good that wants to come into your life? Can you release expectation about what this will look like, and how thingss should happen?

In one of my recent YouTube readings there was a big message about being able to shift your perspective so as to see and expereince the love that is always there. Sometimes life can truly be challenging, yet all too often we make it harder than it needs to be.

How can you make those shifts in perception?

How can you see possibilities instead of obstacles?

Can you believe even a little more in the goodness of the universe? Can you open, even a little more, to the simple miracles of life and allow the larger blessings to flow into your existence? 

Take a little more time to meditate on where you limit yourself and your thinking. 

What do you believe is possible? What do you feel worthy of and what do you allow into your life?

Just bear witness. And as you see the small and large places where you believe things are impossible, begin asking yourself how that perception can be shifted.

Instead, ask: How can I open? How can I know, just a little bit more, that with Love, with the Divine Source in all things, miracles really do occur?

Open to love, dear ones. Life and love is wanting to pour in.

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