Becoming One

Beautiful Ones!

Integration is a theme right now!  Huge waves of light and high vibrational energy have been coming to the earth, and not only is it helping people sort out who they really are and what they really want, but it is helping all to integrate more deeply into wholeness.

For many this is causing more intense symptoms such as sudden exhaustion or strange flare-ups in physical ailments. You may encounter others who are more volotile than usual or feel different swings in your own emotions.

If you are having any of these expereinces just know you are not alone, and do your best to move with them.

If you need to rest, rest. If you feel emotions, let them flow. If physical symptioms arise, ask for the divine to support you in healing and/or finding the right support for your healing.

We are all returning, to a greater and greater degree, to our source energy and its unique exression. We are returning to oneness within self and surrendering into that greater oneness of the whole.

Harmony of masculine and feminine princlples is occurring at a deeper level, too. Yin and yang must be balanced in a new way.

Thus it is so perfect that the message from the Rumi Oracle is "One."

I have abolished duality from myself.

I have seen two worlds as One!

One I seek, One I know, 

One I see, One I call. 

~Rumi/Alana Fairchild

During this time, seek to dissolve duality. Seek, if you will, to dissolve the illusions of separation within yourself and between you and life itself. Embrace even more all that is. 

Find yourself in everything. Find everything within you. 

Seek who you are within this one life.

As we return more honestly to who we are at the core of our beings, we move more into oneness.

We are taught in this world of duality to differentiate, good from bad, this from that, and so forth. This serves many purposes, and Spirit is adamant that we must also know ourselves deeply, know our unique energy, and know contrast in life.

Yet in our return to divinity, in our return to the truth of ourselves, we move beyond the dulaity and separateness that seems so apparent in our world. We move into a place that can hold all "darkness" and "light" in sacred balance.

Bring Awareness:

*Observe where you perceive or create separation. What judgements do you hold against yourself and the world? What have you been unwilling to see as part of the beautiful dance of life? Much strife exists in our personal lives and in the world at large when there is resistance to seeing the potential for union and oneness underneath differing opnions, beliefs, and ways of existing.

*Allow yourself to feel all territories within yourelf. Allow yourself to feel life without judgement. Is it possible? What does life feel like when you release some of the perceptions of duality?

*Move into greater harmony of yin/yang, sacred feminine/sacred masculine. How is your inner life seeking harmony and greater wholeness?

*Seek to build bridges within yourself and beyond that, within your community. How can you be a builder of bridges this week, starting within yourself first?

    The world needs to be loved, not fixed. 

    You need to be loved, not fixed.

    We all need to be seen, loved, and emraced for all that we are.

    Great change can happen through the seeking of union, within self and between life.

    Great change and greater harmony in the world can come from the willingness to love.

    And greater love emerges from this place of internal oneness.