Deep Commitment to Life

"Life is not working at cross purposes with you--far from it! It is a co-conspirator with your heart." ~Alana Fairchild, Rumi Oracle, #31, Commitment

 Artwork from Alana Fairchild's Rumi Oracle

Artwork from Alana Fairchild's Rumi Oracle

Dear Ones,

A prominent thread I am seeing at this time is the need to not only commit to living more deeply in alignment with Soul Truth, but to allowing old patterns to fall away. The two go hand in hand, for when we truly commit, then we must shift our thinking and ways of being to align with that truth. It is no easy task, but it all begins with saying a deeply felt "yes" to who we are, what we need, and who we came here to be.

So I would like to ask:

What are you committed to?

What is deep within your soul? Do you know, and, if so, can you commit to that?

Can you commit without wavering?

Can you believe that life is on your side and therefore commit deeply to your truest desires?

Can you commit to your heart?

Can you commit to the length of the journey without having to control the outcome? 

Can you commit to humble first steps? 

Can you commit, knowing that you are Divine, and that life is working with you, and through you?

Sometimes we have one foot out the door, even unconsciously, because we imagine life will not support us, that we will be disappointed. So we do not give our heart fully to life and our desires. We hold back, even just a little.

But, what if you lived life knowing that the Divine was supporting you every step of the way?

What if you knew that even seeming disappointments were perfect stepping stones? 

How free would you feel then?

Life wants to support the most authentic version of each of us, and when we commit deeply to the light within, life rises up to support that effort.

It may not look "perfect." Life often won't go to plan. It rarely ever does. 

But when we commit to who we are and to taking steps towards knowing even more fully the light of our own spirit, life becomes a joy.

It all begins with a "yes." It begins with saying yes to who we really are and what we really want.

Can you commit, unwaveringly, to your own light? Can you commit to what you know you need? 

Say yes.

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