The Hand of Fatimah: a Message of Love

 Image from Alana Fairchild's Rumi Oracle

Image from Alana Fairchild's Rumi Oracle

 I can never leave you,

not for a moment,

not for an hour.

You are in everything I do.

You are my everything.


My drink is your sweetness.

I move to your command.

I am surrendered prey in your hands,

and you are my consuming lion.


Your soul and my soul

are truly One Soul.

I swear to our One Soul,

I long for no one but you.


In the garden of your grace, 

I am only a germinating sprout.

The crowning of my blooming

is the desire to be in your arms.

~Rumi, from Alana Fairchild's Rumi Oracle

Those of you on the Divine Love path know this feeling well. You know what it is to deeply feel someone, regardless of where they are.

You know that the connection with this soul or part of your own being, pushes you to grow, to come into your own blooming like nothing else.

Yet I am also reminded of this powerful teaching in life and love... Our commitment to the divine (whether you would like to call that God or Source or the Universe, or any other name) brings us closer to union with all that is. We are divine, and we are cared for by something greater than we can fathom.

"My hand watches over you. It brings you blessings and comfort, protection, and grace. radiant with divinity am I, and you are my child, my beloved, my angel, and my body too. I shall never leave you.Turn your inner eye to me and see the light of my grace in your heart. You cannot be harmed... You can only ever be what you are--me, alive, radiant with love." ~Alana Fairchild

Our union with divinity must comes first, and this means seeing ourselves as the precious, infinitely beautiful souls that we are. This means embracing our humanity. This means embracing the unique voice and calling that is wanting to push its way into the world, and knowing we are safe to be who we really are.

Are you falling deeply in love with your unique expression in this life? Are you falling in love with you? Can you see how incredibly delightful you are, even (or especially) your so called "faults"? Can you see that you are the one? Can you feel that when you honor your divine place in the world, peace permeates your existence? 

Do you know how deeply loved you are? 

I wish for you to know divinity within, to know that the divine is you and to put that relationship first in your life forevermore.

For those of you who are experiencing the Divine Love journey, I wish for you to remember that this is what you are doing for each other. You are calling each other home...first to yourselves, to the divinity that you are, and then to your relationship with another. And through all of that blooms an even deeper knowing that we are all truly One Soul.

You are never separate from the divine, for you are the divine. You are never separate from your beloved, for you are your beloved.

Here's to love. Here's to blooming into our beauty. Here's to going home.

I love you.

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Be well. Be love.