A Message for the Changing Times from Tara Rose & the Angels

Dear Ones,

I felt guided to reach out to you all at this intense time in the US, knowing these ripples are felt not only here but globally. It is not my intention to make a political statement here, though, for I deeply want to honor every perspective on the planet. The truth is, each of us is human and divine. Each of us is learning, growing through the experience of living here on earth. There is much I could say about this election from a lot of different perspectives, but the angels truly want to remind us all to rise above. 

Regardless of your stance on this inauguration, regardless of your fears or concerns, it is time to let love win within you. It is time to take responsibility for building bridges within yourself and within your communities. How much can you love yourself? How much can you love others? How much can you say yes to who you truly are? How much can you be a force for bringing others together in love, rather than hate? How much can you, dear ones, stand in the power and truth within you? Can you honor who you are and what you need, while also honoring others? If another seems to be spewing hate, can you reach for love? Can you be the love that you are? 

There is a huge choice for each of us to make right now--love or fear? And we make this choice again and again in each moment. This choice is ours, and it is powerful. You are powerful. We are powerful. We have an opportunity now to truly unite more than ever in love and compassion. There is a tremendous opportunity for positive change within what is happening now. And this positive change is already happening. Can you see it?  Do not lose yourself. Stay close to the truth of your heart. If things look ugly, find a way towards love. Find a way towards change. 

Look deeply within now. Find the places that are resistant, scared, worried, angry, insecure, and turn your attention, with love, towards these parts of you. Your compassion for self, your healing, will expand your capacity to give to the world at this time. You are needed.

I love you all so very much. Remember how powerful you are. Remember that the angels love and support you, and remember your heart is a powerful force in and of itself. I look forward to connecting with you more soon. And, as always, if you would like to connect with me or schedule, you can reach me at tararose@healertararose.com or 510-631-8445 (US only).

My Love and Gratitude, always,

Tara Rose