A Turning Point: Messages of Comfort from Tara Rose and The Angels

Messages from the Angels

Beautiful Souls, 

We remind you yet again that it took courage to come here! This school called planet earth can be challenging, indeed, but you came here with a purpose. 

Much has been stripped away from many of you, yet we ask that you remember there is a purpose to everything. As you have strived to build more authentic lives that support your truth, the dead wood of your life must naturally fall away. So let it. Let it fall away, and throw it on the coals of your new life! 

We understand that this year has been challenging for many! 2016 is a year of completion--many deaths have occurred, and in their place new buds have begun forming and blooming. 

Many of you have experienced such stark contrasts this year and feel as though you have experienced so much pain. Some of you wonder if it will end, but, my dear ones, now is not the time to cower or give fear the power. It is time to honor what has passed, grieve, heal, and focus on this new growth that is emerging. This is a turning point. This is a time to prepare. This is where you choose to step into a new earth.

You are deeply caring individuals, striving for love in your own lives and peace on the planet. We commend you. So, we ask you, each day, as much as possible, in each interaction, remember how beautiful you are. Remember how far you have come. Nothing is stagnant, ever, though your resistance to life can make it feel that way. Surrender to who you are, and continue to act in accordance with that wisdom, knowing that all will not only be well but beautiful.


Messages from Tara Rose

This year has been like no other. 2015 was indeed challenging for many, as well, yet 2016 is the year of completion. I have seen many clients hit a wall, and I too, walked away from many things that did not serve my soul.

In April, I finally committed to doing this work, not just on the side, but as my dharma, my calling and my own soul's truth. Yet this commitment didn't come until I had gotten pneumonia and couldn't fully recover, limping into 2016, aware that if I didn't leave my teaching job, it was a death wish, sooner or later. I knew I needed to fully commit to giving my gifts to the world, and while the journey hasn't been easy, to say the least, it has been nothing short of miraculous, too. 

Just a few days after officially leaving my teaching job, I put a video on YouTube that gained over 9,000 views, and clients began contacting me from around the world. This floored me and showed me just how important this shift in my life is. I have worked with a few hundred clients since then in varying capacities, and there have been some huge learning curves for me personally to go along with this miracle. 

Most recently, I had an incredibly enlightening moment about how much of my energy I have been giving away to those in need, not focusing on my newsletter or individual clients as much as I needed to. My giving spirit is a beautiful quality, but when it is impacting your ability to support yourself and others, it is a problem. My life force was becoming more drained, and I fially came to a great point of clarity: I have to have specific hours. I cannot give of my give of my energy endlessly, because then I suffer, and so does my work with individual clients. I also realized that I cannot take on more than two clients per day, if I want to be fully recovered, fresh, and present for each in the way that I desire to. 

This is the year that I lay down my tendency towards over-giving and begin to fully understand that by caring for myself, having set hours, and not being everything to everyone, I can give of my gifts to the world. Through my connection with the angels, I help clients with this very concept, yet it was oddly working with clients and having many people want my help, that I learned this lesson for myself. What an awesome thing!

This is a year that we lay down habits that aren't working...in a big way. Life wants for each of us to accept the call of our souls and step up!

As my old friend Dr.Peebles always says: "What the world wants from you is you!" So be YOU!

I look forward to connecting with each of you in the future. To schedule your session, email me at tararose@healertararose.com or call 510-631-8445.

Much Love!