Hello Dearest Ones!

These are amazing times of change right now. Beautiful things are happening, and there is also much that is shifting for so many. Embrace these times, listen to your heart, and know that you're taken care of as you continue to move in the direction of what is authentic for you. If you are creating new changes (or beginning to create more changes), these will bring more peace to your heart and soul over time. Know you're safe as you move through these transitions and that you're loved beyond measure. This is a good time to continue purging old emotions, thoughts, and even things from your life, creating more space for your heart to guide you forward. April 7th is also the New Moon in Aries, so it's a great time to set your intentions…vision board..write things down…whatever feels right to you.

Below is this weeks reading, with a little additional message at the beginning. You can find past weeks' readings on my channel. If you would like to get weekly messages in your inbox, please subscribe to my newsletter.

So much love to each one of you. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Hang tight! We have all been going through tremendous changes (and in some cases challenges). These will continue for some time, but this is part of the process of the unfolding of you and a more authentic existence. This week is about letting go and clearing the way so that you may clearly hear and follow the guidance of your heart.