Waking Up To Who You Are

Recently, I went through some of my old writing, and I want to share a part of that writing with you here, which I wrote to a group of friends almost four years ago:

"...I know that if I am living passionately there will be times of confusion and fear, anger and sadness. I know there will be and need to be tears. I know that feelings of disconnection will come. I know, too, that they may go, if I am willing to sit with what is and let it transform, let it pass.

 And it’s a challenge that most of all requires courage—not the kind of courage that necessitates suiting up in armor, but the kind of courage that asks you to bare all, to dig deep to retrieve and bare your soul, your truth.

 As Rumi wrote: There’s courage involved if you want to become the truth.

That truth is different for each of us. There is no single path or formula, only a process that is as unique as the individual who undertakes it, and this is perhaps  what requires the most courage of all: your path is yours alone. We need each other--companions of like mind and like heart and those who will help you to remember your true north--along the journey, but not a single soul can know your truth but you. …

For me it takes courage to show up in life. It takes courage to live with deep honesty, for such honesty also requires the vulnerability of a child and a willingness to experience discomfort along the path to greater peace. 

The path I need to commit to, the one I want to follow, is not an easy one, but the creative process and gradual liberation are the gifts, and they are my gifts to the world, too. 

 For, what does the world really want from you? 

It wants you. Just you!

The real you.

The real me.

Wake up!" 

Reading this with a few years in between, I feel many things, but, most of all, I feel gratitude for the path that I have walked. It is an honor to help others to remember their "true north," and it is a blessing to surrender into this way of giving to the world. My business is called You Are The One because you are…the world wants you and no one else. 

Come out and play!

If you would like to work with me, to understand your life from a soul perspective and to empower more of your authentic self, contact me! I am currently offering some specials. It is my joy to participate in your journey!