Autumn Equinox and Leaving a Season of Fire

Dear Ones, 

It took much courage to come here to earth. Give yourselves credit. It is human to expect that it should or will all be easy, but your soul incarnated for growth, and sometimes this means leaping into, or seemingly being thrown into, the fire. You may curse the fire as you are in it, throw up your hands and wonder why it seems so much is being stripped from you. But, dear ones, we ask you to remember that all is as it needs to be.

Many of you find yourselves nearing the end of such a cycle, a cycle of loss, confusion, or fear, a time of walking through the fire. Some of you still feel the heat as it were, and in these moments, remember that you are loved and that you are love. Remember that while things may not look as you wish, while things may indeed be very challenging, you are seeking growth. You are seeking a deeper understanding of love, community, faith.

Be with what's around you. Take comfort in the small things. Even if life does not look how you would like it to look right now, do your best to be with all that is. Be with, even, the frustration with not having what you might want, as well as the sweetness of what is here for you in this moment, whether it is a simple gesture from a stranger or the the food that you are able to eat.

Today marks the Autumn Equinox, a time that heralds not only the coming change in seasons, but which stands as an emblem of balance. Now you are beginning to step into more balance, and you will find the fire fading behind you as you move into a season of greater comfort. This is another season, an earthly season, as well as a season of your soul. Embrace the changing. Embrace the shedding. Continue to allow yourselves to grieve the changes as you need to, and know that you are loved. Remember that change is ever present. Allow yourselves to flow into this new season, open to receiving what's ahead. 

You are loved, always.