Cycles of Letting Go and Re-creating

 Orion Nebula:

Orion Nebula:

This week is all about cycles of endings and beginnings, and I want to briefly write to you about this season we are in. There was a new moon (9/12). There was an eclipse (9/12-13). And, for those of us within the northern hemisphere, we are beginning to experience autumn.

It is a time of shedding, even grieving, what no longer serves. It is a time to let go. It is a time of sitting in the blackness, feeling the emptiness of what we have let go of. And then, in this blackness, in this quiet and stillness that is represented by the new moon, in this space that is empty, it is a time for planting seeds of intention, preparing to create a new cycle.

So I ask you these questions:

What am I letting go of? 

What does it look like to allow myself to be in this space of openness, darkness, receptivity? Can I be with the loss? Can I be with the space that is created for newness?

What is it that I want to create in the future? 

What is my deepest intention?

This is how life is. It is not always sunny. It is not always raining or dark. It is rich in its ebb and flow. Embrace the ebb and flow within you. Embrace the connection to these cycles in the greater web of life.

Look at the images of Orion's Nebula. Isn't this place of beginning beautiful? Floating out there in space? Stars are born from this, and you are already of the stars--star matter, flesh and blood, and part of a much greater dance.

Are you ready? How will you shine?

I love you all. I am lately very humbled by you and by life.

Thank you as always for joining me in the journey.