Honoring Vulnerability

Recently I have been very moved by the vulnerability of others. I have witnessed people break down and break open, exposing--to themselves and others--true and deep, long hidden emotions, needs, and desires.  And, I too, have found myself ripped open, forced to face life fully, in the moment, with nothing to hide behind--simply me, my fears, my desires, and my beautiful openness with the world.

I have also witnessed, at a more profound level than I seem to have ever seen, where others fear to be vulnerable.  I have seen the long-held resistance to opening up, the elaborate defenses that manifest in the body, the emotions, and the very way we respond to life. I have seen more clearly this resistance within others and found a deeper love for humanity, myself included, as I watch the fragility, the sweetness underneath the surface, patiently waiting for a time when the defenses will fall away.

Surrendering to my own feelings of vulnerability has been one of the greatest transformers in my life, leading to greater expression of my true nature. There is no need to hide. There is no need to be or feel anything different from where you are and what you feel, and it is an act of courage to first honor what you feel and then find a means of expression for this feeling.

My message this week is simple: embrace vulnerability. Embrace the sweet pain that may come, and be open to the strength and opportunity it will bring into your life.

Where are the places you feel tender?

Where is it hard for you to open up?

Can you be open?

Be with the discomfort. Surrender. Ask what this feeling has to teach you.

Let these places be. Bear witness to them. Cultivate curiosity regarding your own resistance to being open.

Love your wounds and guarded places, knowing they can become great sources of strength, transformation, and beauty.  Find the strength and courage within your most vulnerable moments.

Have a beautiful week. I love you all, beyond words.