Survival Tips for Sensitive Souls

My greatest “super power” is my sensitivity, and it is also my greatest challenge. My sensitivity makes me a wonderful teacher, as I innately and quickly understand my students. My sensitivity is also, obviously, what allows me to be a medium. But, much of my life I mistrusted and misunderstood my sensitivity, which made life pretty hard! And, even if you have some clarity about who you are as an empath…well, if you’re an often busy, functioning part of society, it can still be downright tough at times, and you might often feel raw or as though you’re carrying around other people’s “stuff.” So, here are some practical reminders to help you beautiful, sensitive people to clear and/or understand your own energy, and just, generally, cope. 

Sacred Waters: Water is purifying to the energy field. These are some of my favorites.

·      Sea and ocean water –-Sitting by it is good. Wading in it is better. And, submerging yourself in the waves, you might find that you come out feeling like a new person.

·      Lakes, streams, and rivers—again, sit by them, put your feet in them…get in the water! 

·      Rose water (have it in a spray bottle!). Roses have a very high vibration, and pure rose water, when used as a mist, can help clarify and elevate your energy.

·      Salt and/or Epsom soaks. Even if you don’t have a bathtub, soak your feet!

·      Spring Water--if you can find a safe source, drink it!

Cleansing Smoke: Sage, Palo Santo, and sweet grass are great for smudging, though sweet grass is not as good if you’re dealing with a lot of heavy energies or negativity. If you are not sensitive to this smoke and/or not living with those who are, this is a wonderful way to clear your personal energy field and space. Try it. See what happens and what you feel. 

Earthing: Put your feet on the ground. Really. Take off your shoes and put your feet on the earth. Ask that mother earth take away any static energy in your body, and receive her nurturing, grounding, and peace in return. And, if you like to (or want to) garden, go garden! I mean, really put those hands and feet in the dirt.

You Time: Take a little time everyday to feel your own energy. Sit with and be with who you are.  Carve out time to be alone. Set the intention to really feel your sprit within your body. Who are you? What does this energy feel like? Over time, you can use this experience of yourself as a reference point. The more self-awareness, self-love, and genuine self-appreciation you cultivate, the more you will understand what sensations are yours. This in turn will change every aspect of your life. You will be able to say yes to what feels right, and no to what doesn’t. And, if you don’t have these abilities already, in time, you can also learn to sense what is happening in your own energy body--Has it become fuzzy or muddy? Are you carrying the weights and emotions of others?--and directly change these things.

BREATHE! OK, you know that. I know that. But we all forget from time to time! It is one of the most powerful tools you possess: your breath. Play with it. Use it. Learn to breathe into your belly. Feel life through your breath.

Enjoy your sensitivity dear ones. Be who you are. Allow yourself to grow, change, unfold, and embrace the journey.

Much love to you, always.