Deep Listening: What are your body and soul seeking right now?

Happy August, all! We just had a powerful Blue Moon, and people are having all kinds of "feels." Today I am reflecting on the power of listening to the Self. So, I want to ask you this:

What if you allowed yourself to feel what you feel without labeling it good or bad? Can you spiral into your deepest core and know what it wants?

Lately I have had a need for deep rest and silence. The power and pull of the "to do" in our culture is tremendous. Yet, my body says, "rest." My sprit says, "silence." And, I am called to simply enjoy the sound of the wind in the trees, the rush of the freeway in the distance, the sound of birds making announcements and having conversations…

And, even as I strive to listen to this call within, other spects of my life have been pushing me further into this, as though to say: “Tara, just rest.” The other day, for example, it seemed as though my computer became "possessed." In fact, it was “possessed” for several days, doing some of the most amazing and crazy things on its own, and it got to the point where I often couldn’t use it. This could have been a source of panic for me, as I am still actively working on my website, as well as using an email program that is very much tied to both that website and this particular computer, etc. But I kept taking this as a message to slow down more, to literally unplug, and turn my computer off!

And then there’s the phone. Yesterday afternoon I left the house to go to the beach with a friend, and I had 70% battery. But with only two apps running…that puppy died in about an hour and a half! Record time! Again, my electronics managed to unplug themselves! So, I took an opportunity to leave myself unplugged.

I could have had resistance to these things, even real upset when it came to the computer. But, honestly, the computer is fine, and so is my phone, now that I’ve literally unplugged more. (I might still investigate the computer issue though, just to be sure… ;) ).

Despite what we may perceive, the world around us wants the best for us. We internalize the need to push--society seems to say "go, go, go!"--but it is for us to listen and learn what our bodies and souls want, and we will often find that life conspires to help us with just that.

It is in listening to the deep core of who we are, letting ourselves unfold from the inside out, that our lives become a genuine dance. We allow those who resonate with us to come into our lives and easily let go of what is not in our best interest to hang onto. The soul has the greatest wisdom, and it speaks through the body in whispers, sensations, and intuition (and through electronics and other things also, but more on that another time). The point is, you are the locus of your life. Your authentic self is needed in this world, even, or especially, when that means spending a day in your comfiest clothes with the phone turned off!

So, what are you needing? What calls from deep within? Are you desiring adventure, to shake up what you have known of life? Are you needing to dance with wildness? Or, do you need to curl up like a cat and let life pass by for a while, feeling the deep contentment of just being?

What is it that you need?

Listen to your soul as it speaks to you. Listen to its subtle whispers that reveal themselves as sensations in your body, flashes of intuition, and pure knowing. Learn to listen to and follow the truth of yourself. There is a space within you that knows. It is infinite.

Make the journey to your heart and soul an adventure in and of itself. You are your own never ending story, a process of unfolding.

Thank you for sharing this journey of growth with me.

Sending you love and healing energy from my place of rest and quiet this week.