Animal Medicine: Messages from Spirit

A few weeks ago, I returned home after a day of dance, healing, and enjoyment of friendship in Oakland to hear this screaming outside my window, a hawk scream. I excitedly went to look for the source of the sound, and there she was in front of me, a red tailed hawk, perched on a telephone pole a few feet away. Even after she flew away, she continued to cry, and eventually circled back around to come sit in the tree outside my window, still screaming.

This also happened to be a juvenile hawk, her feathers a little goofy looking still, and I heard that cry all the more. I am in this "finding my wings" stage, as I surrender into the gifts and the innate power that I was born with, trusting who I am and the currents of life to carry and support me on a new journey, a flight of soul, one that brings the messages of Spirit to earth. I feel so new. Everything feels new, as I adjust to a new city, new state, and to the reality of choosing to bring my gifts to the world in a public way. But I have these wings, and I must trust them.

Certain animals are with us in spirit, part of who we are, guides for our path. Some join us only for a time, and others are part of our path for a lifetime. For most of my life I have been aware of carrying "Hawk Medicine." These birds seem to surround me during times of transition, as though a part of my spirit flies to me, reminding me of the power of the path I'm on, affirming my own heart, urging me to deepen my awareness even more. The presence of the hawk is always a gift for me, and on this particular evening I felt especially grateful that I am living where coyotes howl and hawks scream, for wild things need other wild things. They call to my own wild heart, asking me to be honest about what I want from this journey in life. And they remind me of my own innate connection with spirit, asking me to deepen that connection even more, to listen carefully to the messages that come my way.

Hawks are keen observers. They look at life from a distance, seeing a great scope of all below them, yet they rely on their ability to see details and movement. Very little goes unnoticed by hawk, and they have come to be seen, cross-culturally, as messengers from Spirit. They are symbols of loyalty, too, as they mate for life.

Hawk has stayed by me since that night. Not a day has passed that I haven’t heard her cry, reminding me to bridge the worlds of earth and Spirit. And, on the day of the Renewal event, as I went out to the car, I heard another cry, and as I looked up, there was Hawk, wings pinned, diving, then circling. But, this time she was not alone. This hawk was diving and circling with another, their red tail feathers spreading out like fans.

On a personal level, Renewal was the day that I celebrated coming out into the world as the Modern Day Mystic that I am, and the presence of hawk that morning was not only deeply touching, a reminder of my own mission to help bring an awareness of Spirit to life, but she and her partner were a harbinger of the magic and messages that would unfold that day, as I brought more of who I am out into community. It is a time I will always remember with gratitude.

In the last few days, hummingbirds have been buzzing their little wings into my space. These tiny creatures remind me to be joyous, persistent--even feisty!—while also remaining always true to my delicate and sensitive nature.

Are you in tune with your animal messengers? Who is flying or wandering into your life? What messages do these creatures carry for you?

Working with my intuitive capabilities, and/or an animal medicine deck, I can help you learn more about your personal medicine and other animal spirits there to guide you. I also communicate with animals, and can bring messages to you from the critters in your world! If you would like for me to be a part of that journey, please contact me--it would be my joy to share in that magic!

May you have joy in your heart and remember that you walk with Spirit always.

 Much love to you all!

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