Dare to Trust the Flow of Your Life

It is in our nature to imagine that life should be at an even keel all the time, yet as I've mentioned in previous messages, this is not the nature of reality. Our earth has seasons. The ocean has tides. Rivers have still pools and rushing waterfalls, and each has its place.

It is in our culture to believe that we should always be in the still pool or the season of summer, but this is not the truth of our lives, and in human life, we can have multiple seasons at once! For example, we may experience the loss and barrenness of winter when losing a loved one, while also experiencing the newness of spring in love or the birth of a child.

It is our expectation that life should be a certain way that leads to our suffering. It is the expectation that our lives would look or feel a certain way that leads to resistance.

"The path of least resistance" does not mean a path that has no ups and downs. It is a path of knowing how to surrender to the ups and downs. It is knowing how to surrender to your own soul and your deepest desires for growth.

At times it may feel as though you are careening down, not knowing when you will land or what it will be like, but does the water worry as it rushes off the cliff? No, it is an emblem of surrender.

What would your life feel or look like if you followed your internal promptings, instead of what you thought you should do (given your own expectations or  society's expectations, etc.)? 

What would it be like if you knew that following these internal promptings--whether it's to get a cup of coffee or quit the job that drains you--would bring you all that you need?

What if you knew that even in the darker spaces of your life, your soul is mining for gold, and that all you must do is surrender, have faith, and act as guided?

What would it be like to surrender fully?

Listen to your heart, dear ones. Listen to the still small voice that is within. Dare to trust yourself and your life. Dare to let yourself flow and know you are cared for, part of the great all-that-is.

Know you are loved beyond measure.