Vulnerability and Intimacy

 From the Journey of Love Oracle by Alana Fairchild

From the Journey of Love Oracle by Alana Fairchild

"Your vulnerability is the key to your growing spirituality. Now is the time to share yourself openly, without pretense or defensiveness. Let down the barriers that have held you apart from another, from the Divine, from the world..." Alana Fairchild

 As a lot of you know, I worked with children for several years and am, in many regards, an exceedingly patient person. I still don't understand how I remained nearly unflappable while managing a classroom of 28 Kindergarteners, and neither did those who were supervising me at the time. But, if any of you can fathom 28 Kindergarten students (beyond how, yes, very adorable each of them was) that pretty much sums up my level of patience and grounded-ness. I am human, indeed. I have my buttons that can be pushed, certainly! Yet, over the years I have only become more open, patient, and grounded, and that in and of itself is why some are drawn to me--I feel a general peace with life, even if there are ups and downs, and that energy is palpable to others. 

However, this past week pushed me to a totally different edge. It is hard to explain what it felt like or how or why it happened, but, from the very intense energies we have had in August to very mundane things, such as my computer crashing (as mentioned last week), still dealing with mold in my home (thank you winter floods and rainforest-redwoods climate), the stove dying, the washing machine dying, communications going bonkers....I truly hit a melting point. Logically it made no sense, as I know I can handle all these things going "wrong," and yet there I was...hitting a wall.

And it was good. It was a release. And I showed up with vulnerability and an utter haphazard, dear-God-help-me-with-this kind of madness.

And many are going through this. 

Many of us are being pushed into even more vulnerable spaces, pushed further, not only to connect with each other in solidarity, but to dig deep and unfold the next layer or chapter of our lives. We are being pushed more deeply into the meaning of unconditional love, for self and for all who are traveling here on earth. 

It also made me think of the powerful relationship between vulnerability and true unconditional love.

As a woman, I get plenty of comments about how I look, as most of us do. And, while I could get into all the weirdness of our society and how uncomfortable it was to start getting catcalled at the age of 13, I had a different reflection recently. Reading an "omg you're so hot marry me" comment on one of my YouTube videos, I somehow flashed on what I love most about loving others and really being loved...and it has very little to do with looks.

I truly love the crazy morning bedhead. I love the bags under the eyes and other hairs in weird places. I love the vulnerable and uncomfortable moments.  I never wish for someone to hold back their darkness, their fears and insecurities. I find those spaces so beautiful. This is the kind of love I offer others, the kind of love I have learned (and continue to learn) to offer myself, and the kind of love I want to always leave myself open to. It is how we are loved by the Divine and a love we are truly never separate from. 

This is the space of love I hold for friends and clients, and what I have journeyed more deeply into  within myself, where I see the immense beauty in our own wildness and moments of confusion. And I can't settle for anything less in a "love" relationship, either.

In our most raw form, we may fear to be seen, and yet, for those who are ready to love, we can also be most deeply loved in that space of total openness. 

That is true intimacy.

It is wonderful to dress up, fix our hair, and present our "best" selves. Yet, it is the tearful love, the bags-under-the-eyes, hair-in-the-"wrong"-place kind of love that is the best. 

So if you are being pushed to the edge, embrace it. Reach within for what your soul is asking; reach to God for support; reach out to each other. For in our humanity, and willingness to be open and vulnerable, we find and touch the face of God in each other and in life itself.

I love you,  always.

True Abundance

Quite some time ago, I reached out to a business coach, because I was curious about getting outside input on "branding" and how my website and such are put together. I was speaking with this woman, who was essentially a sales person, and she used lots of psychological manipulation as part of her sales tactic. I have always been pretty immune to that kind of thing, even repelled by it... Maybe it is because there was a psychiatrist in the family, or maybe it is because I have that clear ability to see into people and their motivations for better or for worse. Whatever the case, I was turned off, rather than hooked in. Yet, my disinterest made her press harder, until she eventually said in a snarky way "So, you think you're successful now, on your own?" as a way to subtly get me to think that I could not be successful without what she was selling.

I paused and said, "Yes." 

I continued, "Less than a year ago, I left a job that was painful for me, so I could give my life to my soul's purpose. In that time, I unexpectedly and quickly ended up with a few thousand followers on social media, and work I with people around the globe, touching many lives. I do work that fills my heart and soul, and I pay my bills doing this work. I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and have people in my life who I love and who love me. I may not make 5 or 10k a month, but I live with this incredible peace in my heart and a tremendous amount of love, and I know it will only get better from here, because this is still just the beginning! So, yes, I am successful, and I am in awe of it. I love my life."

She was uncomfortable and didn't say much, but I had touched something big and important within me.

Ultimately, of course, I realized I didn't want to go that route with "branding my work," and Dr Peebles (yeah, it seems like I am never going to NOT mention him, haha) encouraged me to "take up the gauntlet" and do it on my own with maybe some eventual support from friends and others, regarding "branding," also nudging me to create my own course for individuals (finally going public soon)! 

I'll be darned if I have any clue as to how to "brand" my work, when it encompasses so much and people come to me for so many reasons, but I trust the unfolding process that has been underway for quite some time. And, he is right--I LOVE working on my website. I get so many compliments on it, and it fills my heart, knowing it is my own labor of love, filled with healing energy and my own photos taken over the years. And creating my own course (that relates to much of what is below!) is part of my own flow, empowerment, and service to others.

But, what's most important is that in that moment on the phone, where I articulated my love for the life I live, I became very clear that I cannot alter how I do my "business" just for the sake of money. It has to come from the heart, and the heart of my work is and has always been service. 

I live in a state of surrender to the flow of life. I live my life in a way where I never know how and when the bills will get paid, and yet I know they won't get paid if I worry, as this is an energetic repellent of sorts and distraction from what is real--so I don't worry and instead throw myself into the moment and what I love. I enjoy my life, my service, the glorious nature, and the people I love. And the bills get paid....sometimes it has been by the skin of my teeth, but they do. 

It may not be a way of living for everyone. There are never any guarantees. There is no "certainty."  But those are always temporal illusions anyway. 

I never had a lot of money, and I often felt like a failure simply because I faced so much hardship and opposition in my life. I felt frustrated, because I wanted to serve humanity, yet it seemed I always had to fight for my existence, fighting through chronic illness and so much else. And THEN, I finally had a masters degree and a teaching job with benefits...and I went and threw that away to do mediumship and psychic work and be a spiritual guide? 

Logically it probably made no sense to some people, and yet this was the point in my life where abiding, deep peace and a flow of love entered my existence in a big way. This is where I also learned, truly, that all my earlier challenges were gifts to each person I supported through my work. Each struggle was a place where I could reach in and say "I see you. I feel you. I hear you. And I also know the way out and the way through, and I can help you find YOUR way through..." 

I had committed to the truth of my soul and my own way of being in this world. I had committed to what had always been true in me, trying to work its way out. I had committed to the healer, the lover, the artist, the mystic that I always was but tried to hide from the world. I committed to it and threw it out into the world and the world responded with "YES--you are so needed."

By many accounts, I gave up security to give myself over to the calling of my soul and a life of service. Yet what I gained is freedom and flight of soul and a love that nothing can take from me. It doesn't mean a lack of ups and downs or a lack of growth in life (growth has in fact accelerated), but rather this connection with the flow of love inherent in my being and in all things. I have never known more peace and freedom as I have known since committing my life to what pours from my heart and soul. 

And that is the truth. That is where we find true abundance, the kind that doesn't come from the amount of money in the bank or things you can buy. It's the kind of overwhelming abundance that flows from our connection with God (or Source, or...insert your own word).

I am frequently in awe of the amount of love in my life that flows from my immediate day-to-day "work life" alone. To have a problem keeping up with all the emails, messages, and comments of heartfelt gratitude is an amazing "problem" to have! To have countless people write to me and say "I know I can reach out to you and trust you; I can feel and know you are real" fills my heart in a way that money could never touch. To witness the growth and transformation in the lives of my clients and how the change in their lives is rippling out into the world around them is enough to bring me to tears of awe and gratitude. To be still in my home, hearing the birds conversing outside and the wind in the redwood trees fills me with peace. To go to the ocean and feel the earth holding me and hear the sound of the water....there are no words for that.

Yes, we all have to pay the bills. And, yes, it is good to have ambitions and goals! There is nothing wrong with money. It is part of our world and part of how we exchange energy. There are big things I want to accomplish in my own life that will require much, much more money, and I am aware of that! But, I also know that I just have to keep going and trusting life to provide, knowing that I cannot manipulate my way into those things but rather that in the flow of God, when the human will is aligned with that flow and dedicated, all things are possible in time. I have watched myself align with my own soul and seen the power of that, and shown it to others, too. I know it is a matter of continuing on as I am, building momentum, rather than worrying about how to fill some imaginary void of money!

It is so easy in our world to get caught in the trap of chasing the next thing, whether it's the bigger paycheck or the next bauble. And while there is nothing wrong with the bigger paycheck or the pretty ring, or whatever it is, it is important to understand that none of these things are measures of abundance, love, or satisfaction in life. Money is not a measure of wealth or abundance. Money is not a measure of how good or bad someone is (and oh boy I could go on a rant about "spiritual materialism" and the law of attraction--yes the law of attraction is real but the way it is taught is often not the whole story). 

Money is just something we use to keep the engine of our lives going on the material plane. It can be used in so many different ways, but it has very little to do with true abundance. 

Abundance flows from the soul and in an exchange with life itself. Abundance is about love, and we all know that money can't buy love (is anyone else singing the Beatles in their heads?).

Don't let anyone sell you anything that doesn't jive with your soul. Don't let anyone convince you that you are less than for any reason. Don't compare your lives to others, dear ones. You don't know what anyone else's story is about.

Instead, live your life, your story, YOUR way.

Rise in the love you have within you.

You are the one.

I love you.

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Becoming One

Beautiful Ones!

Integration is a theme right now!  Huge waves of light and high vibrational energy have been coming to the earth, and not only is it helping people sort out who they really are and what they really want, but it is helping all to integrate more deeply into wholeness.

For many this is causing more intense symptoms such as sudden exhaustion or strange flare-ups in physical ailments. You may encounter others who are more volotile than usual or feel different swings in your own emotions.

If you are having any of these expereinces just know you are not alone, and do your best to move with them.

If you need to rest, rest. If you feel emotions, let them flow. If physical symptioms arise, ask for the divine to support you in healing and/or finding the right support for your healing.

We are all returning, to a greater and greater degree, to our source energy and its unique exression. We are returning to oneness within self and surrendering into that greater oneness of the whole.

Harmony of masculine and feminine princlples is occurring at a deeper level, too. Yin and yang must be balanced in a new way.

Thus it is so perfect that the message from the Rumi Oracle is "One."

I have abolished duality from myself.

I have seen two worlds as One!

One I seek, One I know, 

One I see, One I call. 

~Rumi/Alana Fairchild

During this time, seek to dissolve duality. Seek, if you will, to dissolve the illusions of separation within yourself and between you and life itself. Embrace even more all that is. 

Find yourself in everything. Find everything within you. 

Seek who you are within this one life.

As we return more honestly to who we are at the core of our beings, we move more into oneness.

We are taught in this world of duality to differentiate, good from bad, this from that, and so forth. This serves many purposes, and Spirit is adamant that we must also know ourselves deeply, know our unique energy, and know contrast in life.

Yet in our return to divinity, in our return to the truth of ourselves, we move beyond the dulaity and separateness that seems so apparent in our world. We move into a place that can hold all "darkness" and "light" in sacred balance.

Bring Awareness:

*Observe where you perceive or create separation. What judgements do you hold against yourself and the world? What have you been unwilling to see as part of the beautiful dance of life? Much strife exists in our personal lives and in the world at large when there is resistance to seeing the potential for union and oneness underneath differing opnions, beliefs, and ways of existing.

*Allow yourself to feel all territories within yourelf. Allow yourself to feel life without judgement. Is it possible? What does life feel like when you release some of the perceptions of duality?

*Move into greater harmony of yin/yang, sacred feminine/sacred masculine. How is your inner life seeking harmony and greater wholeness?

*Seek to build bridges within yourself and beyond that, within your community. How can you be a builder of bridges this week, starting within yourself first?

    The world needs to be loved, not fixed. 

    You need to be loved, not fixed.

    We all need to be seen, loved, and emraced for all that we are.

    Great change can happen through the seeking of union, within self and between life.

    Great change and greater harmony in the world can come from the willingness to love.

    And greater love emerges from this place of internal oneness.

    Love Creates Infinite Openings: The Impossible Made Possible!

    Love brings the sea into boiling

    and turns the mountains into pebble.

    Love creates infinite openings

    in the dark sky and shudders

    the earth with its magnitude.

    ~Rumi/Alana Fairchild



    With God (or insert your favorite term), with Love, all is possible. When we align with truth, with the God and force of Love within us, life opens in beautiful new ways.

    Part of what we are here to remember is that we are unlimited beings; we can let this power and beauty flow through us. We are divine source energy having an often very clumsy but still remarkable experience of life.

    "We only limit what we believe to be possible by our lack of imagination! The Divine has recourse to all that is and all that is yet to be. Is there any limit to the resources of the heavens? No!" ~Alana Fairchild

    The divine opens all doors. Love makes all things possible. Can you shift your perception enough to be open to the good that wants to come into your life? Can you release expectation about what this will look like, and how thingss should happen?

    In one of my recent YouTube readings there was a big message about being able to shift your perspective so as to see and expereince the love that is always there. Sometimes life can truly be challenging, yet all too often we make it harder than it needs to be.

    How can you make those shifts in perception?

    How can you see possibilities instead of obstacles?

    Can you believe even a little more in the goodness of the universe? Can you open, even a little more, to the simple miracles of life and allow the larger blessings to flow into your existence? 

    Take a little more time to meditate on where you limit yourself and your thinking. 

    What do you believe is possible? What do you feel worthy of and what do you allow into your life?

    Just bear witness. And as you see the small and large places where you believe things are impossible, begin asking yourself how that perception can be shifted.

    Instead, ask: How can I open? How can I know, just a little bit more, that with Love, with the Divine Source in all things, miracles really do occur?

    Open to love, dear ones. Life and love is wanting to pour in.

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    Deep Commitment to Life

    "Life is not working at cross purposes with you--far from it! It is a co-conspirator with your heart." ~Alana Fairchild, Rumi Oracle, #31, Commitment

     Artwork from Alana Fairchild's Rumi Oracle

    Artwork from Alana Fairchild's Rumi Oracle

    Dear Ones,

    A prominent thread I am seeing at this time is the need to not only commit to living more deeply in alignment with Soul Truth, but to allowing old patterns to fall away. The two go hand in hand, for when we truly commit, then we must shift our thinking and ways of being to align with that truth. It is no easy task, but it all begins with saying a deeply felt "yes" to who we are, what we need, and who we came here to be.

    So I would like to ask:

    What are you committed to?

    What is deep within your soul? Do you know, and, if so, can you commit to that?

    Can you commit without wavering?

    Can you believe that life is on your side and therefore commit deeply to your truest desires?

    Can you commit to your heart?

    Can you commit to the length of the journey without having to control the outcome? 

    Can you commit to humble first steps? 

    Can you commit, knowing that you are Divine, and that life is working with you, and through you?

    Sometimes we have one foot out the door, even unconsciously, because we imagine life will not support us, that we will be disappointed. So we do not give our heart fully to life and our desires. We hold back, even just a little.

    But, what if you lived life knowing that the Divine was supporting you every step of the way?

    What if you knew that even seeming disappointments were perfect stepping stones? 

    How free would you feel then?

    Life wants to support the most authentic version of each of us, and when we commit deeply to the light within, life rises up to support that effort.

    It may not look "perfect." Life often won't go to plan. It rarely ever does. 

    But when we commit to who we are and to taking steps towards knowing even more fully the light of our own spirit, life becomes a joy.

    It all begins with a "yes." It begins with saying yes to who we really are and what we really want.

    Can you commit, unwaveringly, to your own light? Can you commit to what you know you need? 

    Say yes.

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    Riding the Waves of Love

     Image from Alana Fairchild's Rumi Oracle

    Image from Alana Fairchild's Rumi Oracle

    Beloved Ones! 

    I pulled the card "I Surge On The Uprising Waves Of Love" for you from Alana Fairchild's Rumi Oracle. Boy is it ever a perfect message for the eclipse cycle we are in and the intense energies on the planet!

    Life is full of cycles and tides that we may as easily change or control as we might change or control the crashing waves of the ocean. Recognizing such tides is an important part of living, for in so doing, we learn to see, feel, and ride the currents of life. Instead of being bashed down by the waves, we learn to find exhilaration and excitement in the constant challenge.

    We cannot control all circumstances in life, but we can choose to perceive possibilities. We can choose the path of love through the darkness. We can know and trust that the wave of love will push us upwards. And the sooner we choose to find that current, find the flow of love within us, the sooner we find we are indeed surfing instead of drowning.

    This is a powerful point of choice. Can we choose to find the current of love even when it seems that life might smash us? Can we find the adventure, the thrill, the excitement and possibilities, even when it seems impossible? With love and the Divine, there is always a way. We are united with everything. We are here remembering this...remembering our power as individual beings and dissolving the illusions of separation between us and life, coming to see that we are integral to and never apart from the vast ocean of life...always supported, always loved.

    "I surge on the uprising wave of love. No gravity can stop me from rising! The moon pulls the tide of life towards her, and my soul in oneness with all of life answers her call. A wave of love consumes me, and upwards I fly, flying through water, to greet her shining body. Led by my heart, my wits are addled and my mind becomes a blurry mess; and so I feel instead, feel the truth of her love and the divine reflection she shines back at me from her radiant heart." ~Alana Fairchild, Rumi Oracle

    Lead with your heart dear ones. Trust your ability to find the current and ride the waves. Know you are loved and supported.

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    With Love,

    Tara Rose

    The Hand of Fatimah: a Message of Love

     Image from Alana Fairchild's Rumi Oracle

    Image from Alana Fairchild's Rumi Oracle

     I can never leave you,

    not for a moment,

    not for an hour.

    You are in everything I do.

    You are my everything.


    My drink is your sweetness.

    I move to your command.

    I am surrendered prey in your hands,

    and you are my consuming lion.


    Your soul and my soul

    are truly One Soul.

    I swear to our One Soul,

    I long for no one but you.


    In the garden of your grace, 

    I am only a germinating sprout.

    The crowning of my blooming

    is the desire to be in your arms.

    ~Rumi, from Alana Fairchild's Rumi Oracle

    Those of you on the Divine Love path know this feeling well. You know what it is to deeply feel someone, regardless of where they are.

    You know that the connection with this soul or part of your own being, pushes you to grow, to come into your own blooming like nothing else.

    Yet I am also reminded of this powerful teaching in life and love... Our commitment to the divine (whether you would like to call that God or Source or the Universe, or any other name) brings us closer to union with all that is. We are divine, and we are cared for by something greater than we can fathom.

    "My hand watches over you. It brings you blessings and comfort, protection, and grace. radiant with divinity am I, and you are my child, my beloved, my angel, and my body too. I shall never leave you.Turn your inner eye to me and see the light of my grace in your heart. You cannot be harmed... You can only ever be what you are--me, alive, radiant with love." ~Alana Fairchild

    Our union with divinity must comes first, and this means seeing ourselves as the precious, infinitely beautiful souls that we are. This means embracing our humanity. This means embracing the unique voice and calling that is wanting to push its way into the world, and knowing we are safe to be who we really are.

    Are you falling deeply in love with your unique expression in this life? Are you falling in love with you? Can you see how incredibly delightful you are, even (or especially) your so called "faults"? Can you see that you are the one? Can you feel that when you honor your divine place in the world, peace permeates your existence? 

    Do you know how deeply loved you are? 

    I wish for you to know divinity within, to know that the divine is you and to put that relationship first in your life forevermore.

    For those of you who are experiencing the Divine Love journey, I wish for you to remember that this is what you are doing for each other. You are calling each other home...first to yourselves, to the divinity that you are, and then to your relationship with another. And through all of that blooms an even deeper knowing that we are all truly One Soul.

    You are never separate from the divine, for you are the divine. You are never separate from your beloved, for you are your beloved.

    Here's to love. Here's to blooming into our beauty. Here's to going home.

    I love you.

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    Be well. Be love.

    A Message for the Changing Times from Tara Rose & the Angels

    Dear Ones,

    I felt guided to reach out to you all at this intense time in the US, knowing these ripples are felt not only here but globally. It is not my intention to make a political statement here, though, for I deeply want to honor every perspective on the planet. The truth is, each of us is human and divine. Each of us is learning, growing through the experience of living here on earth. There is much I could say about this election from a lot of different perspectives, but the angels truly want to remind us all to rise above. 

    Regardless of your stance on this inauguration, regardless of your fears or concerns, it is time to let love win within you. It is time to take responsibility for building bridges within yourself and within your communities. How much can you love yourself? How much can you love others? How much can you say yes to who you truly are? How much can you be a force for bringing others together in love, rather than hate? How much can you, dear ones, stand in the power and truth within you? Can you honor who you are and what you need, while also honoring others? If another seems to be spewing hate, can you reach for love? Can you be the love that you are? 

    There is a huge choice for each of us to make right now--love or fear? And we make this choice again and again in each moment. This choice is ours, and it is powerful. You are powerful. We are powerful. We have an opportunity now to truly unite more than ever in love and compassion. There is a tremendous opportunity for positive change within what is happening now. And this positive change is already happening. Can you see it?  Do not lose yourself. Stay close to the truth of your heart. If things look ugly, find a way towards love. Find a way towards change. 

    Look deeply within now. Find the places that are resistant, scared, worried, angry, insecure, and turn your attention, with love, towards these parts of you. Your compassion for self, your healing, will expand your capacity to give to the world at this time. You are needed.

    I love you all so very much. Remember how powerful you are. Remember that the angels love and support you, and remember your heart is a powerful force in and of itself. I look forward to connecting with you more soon. And, as always, if you would like to connect with me or schedule, you can reach me at or 510-631-8445 (US only).

    My Love and Gratitude, always,

    Tara Rose

    A Turning Point: Messages of Comfort from Tara Rose and The Angels

    Messages from the Angels

    Beautiful Souls, 

    We remind you yet again that it took courage to come here! This school called planet earth can be challenging, indeed, but you came here with a purpose. 

    Much has been stripped away from many of you, yet we ask that you remember there is a purpose to everything. As you have strived to build more authentic lives that support your truth, the dead wood of your life must naturally fall away. So let it. Let it fall away, and throw it on the coals of your new life! 

    We understand that this year has been challenging for many! 2016 is a year of completion--many deaths have occurred, and in their place new buds have begun forming and blooming. 

    Many of you have experienced such stark contrasts this year and feel as though you have experienced so much pain. Some of you wonder if it will end, but, my dear ones, now is not the time to cower or give fear the power. It is time to honor what has passed, grieve, heal, and focus on this new growth that is emerging. This is a turning point. This is a time to prepare. This is where you choose to step into a new earth.

    You are deeply caring individuals, striving for love in your own lives and peace on the planet. We commend you. So, we ask you, each day, as much as possible, in each interaction, remember how beautiful you are. Remember how far you have come. Nothing is stagnant, ever, though your resistance to life can make it feel that way. Surrender to who you are, and continue to act in accordance with that wisdom, knowing that all will not only be well but beautiful.


    Messages from Tara Rose

    This year has been like no other. 2015 was indeed challenging for many, as well, yet 2016 is the year of completion. I have seen many clients hit a wall, and I too, walked away from many things that did not serve my soul.

    In April, I finally committed to doing this work, not just on the side, but as my dharma, my calling and my own soul's truth. Yet this commitment didn't come until I had gotten pneumonia and couldn't fully recover, limping into 2016, aware that if I didn't leave my teaching job, it was a death wish, sooner or later. I knew I needed to fully commit to giving my gifts to the world, and while the journey hasn't been easy, to say the least, it has been nothing short of miraculous, too. 

    Just a few days after officially leaving my teaching job, I put a video on YouTube that gained over 9,000 views, and clients began contacting me from around the world. This floored me and showed me just how important this shift in my life is. I have worked with a few hundred clients since then in varying capacities, and there have been some huge learning curves for me personally to go along with this miracle. 

    Most recently, I had an incredibly enlightening moment about how much of my energy I have been giving away to those in need, not focusing on my newsletter or individual clients as much as I needed to. My giving spirit is a beautiful quality, but when it is impacting your ability to support yourself and others, it is a problem. My life force was becoming more drained, and I fially came to a great point of clarity: I have to have specific hours. I cannot give of my give of my energy endlessly, because then I suffer, and so does my work with individual clients. I also realized that I cannot take on more than two clients per day, if I want to be fully recovered, fresh, and present for each in the way that I desire to. 

    This is the year that I lay down my tendency towards over-giving and begin to fully understand that by caring for myself, having set hours, and not being everything to everyone, I can give of my gifts to the world. Through my connection with the angels, I help clients with this very concept, yet it was oddly working with clients and having many people want my help, that I learned this lesson for myself. What an awesome thing!

    This is a year that we lay down habits that aren't a big way. Life wants for each of us to accept the call of our souls and step up!

    As my old friend Dr.Peebles always says: "What the world wants from you is you!" So be YOU!

    I look forward to connecting with each of you in the future. To schedule your session, email me at or call 510-631-8445.

    Much Love!



    Hello Dearest Ones!

    These are amazing times of change right now. Beautiful things are happening, and there is also much that is shifting for so many. Embrace these times, listen to your heart, and know that you're taken care of as you continue to move in the direction of what is authentic for you. If you are creating new changes (or beginning to create more changes), these will bring more peace to your heart and soul over time. Know you're safe as you move through these transitions and that you're loved beyond measure. This is a good time to continue purging old emotions, thoughts, and even things from your life, creating more space for your heart to guide you forward. April 7th is also the New Moon in Aries, so it's a great time to set your intentions…vision board..write things down…whatever feels right to you.

    Below is this weeks reading, with a little additional message at the beginning. You can find past weeks' readings on my channel. If you would like to get weekly messages in your inbox, please subscribe to my newsletter.

    So much love to each one of you. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

    Hang tight! We have all been going through tremendous changes (and in some cases challenges). These will continue for some time, but this is part of the process of the unfolding of you and a more authentic existence. This week is about letting go and clearing the way so that you may clearly hear and follow the guidance of your heart.

    Waking Up To Who You Are

    Recently, I went through some of my old writing, and I want to share a part of that writing with you here, which I wrote to a group of friends almost four years ago:

    "...I know that if I am living passionately there will be times of confusion and fear, anger and sadness. I know there will be and need to be tears. I know that feelings of disconnection will come. I know, too, that they may go, if I am willing to sit with what is and let it transform, let it pass.

     And it’s a challenge that most of all requires courage—not the kind of courage that necessitates suiting up in armor, but the kind of courage that asks you to bare all, to dig deep to retrieve and bare your soul, your truth.

     As Rumi wrote: There’s courage involved if you want to become the truth.

    That truth is different for each of us. There is no single path or formula, only a process that is as unique as the individual who undertakes it, and this is perhaps  what requires the most courage of all: your path is yours alone. We need each other--companions of like mind and like heart and those who will help you to remember your true north--along the journey, but not a single soul can know your truth but you. …

    For me it takes courage to show up in life. It takes courage to live with deep honesty, for such honesty also requires the vulnerability of a child and a willingness to experience discomfort along the path to greater peace. 

    The path I need to commit to, the one I want to follow, is not an easy one, but the creative process and gradual liberation are the gifts, and they are my gifts to the world, too. 

     For, what does the world really want from you? 

    It wants you. Just you!

    The real you.

    The real me.

    Wake up!" 

    Reading this with a few years in between, I feel many things, but, most of all, I feel gratitude for the path that I have walked. It is an honor to help others to remember their "true north," and it is a blessing to surrender into this way of giving to the world. My business is called You Are The One because you are…the world wants you and no one else. 

    Come out and play!

    If you would like to work with me, to understand your life from a soul perspective and to empower more of your authentic self, contact me! I am currently offering some specials. It is my joy to participate in your journey!

    Some Solstice Love

     This image sourced from a friend on Facebook…I am uncertain of its origin but would love to give the artist credit.

    This image sourced from a friend on Facebook…I am uncertain of its origin but would love to give the artist credit.

    Happy Solstice, Dear Ones. 

    For me, this always feels like the true New Year, as we pass out of darkness into greater light, beginning a brand new cycle. This year has been a "hang onto your hats" kind of ride for many people, including myself, and at the end of it, I am sitting back in awe of the journey and tremendous growth. As I reflect, there is one theme that stands out, one that I learned at a deeper level this year and one I find myself reminding others of again and again:

    "It's hard being alive, so love yourself no matter what."

    We are courageous to be alive on the planet right now--being alive is a gift and a challenge--and self-compassion, self-love is powerful. It brings peace. You can always try again. You can always work towards change, but to love yourself NOW is a gift to you and those around you. It opens you to tender places and allows you to share more deeply with others. And, in truth, to quote my dear friend Dr. Peebles, "what the world wants from you is you," nothing more and nothing less.

    Let yourself be. Allow yourself to feel and be whatever you need to feel and be. You are never less-than. You are loved beyond measure.

    So, love yourself, and enjoy the happy tune below :) 

    Dare to Trust the Flow of Your Life

    It is in our nature to imagine that life should be at an even keel all the time, yet as I've mentioned in previous messages, this is not the nature of reality. Our earth has seasons. The ocean has tides. Rivers have still pools and rushing waterfalls, and each has its place.

    It is in our culture to believe that we should always be in the still pool or the season of summer, but this is not the truth of our lives, and in human life, we can have multiple seasons at once! For example, we may experience the loss and barrenness of winter when losing a loved one, while also experiencing the newness of spring in love or the birth of a child.

    It is our expectation that life should be a certain way that leads to our suffering. It is the expectation that our lives would look or feel a certain way that leads to resistance.

    "The path of least resistance" does not mean a path that has no ups and downs. It is a path of knowing how to surrender to the ups and downs. It is knowing how to surrender to your own soul and your deepest desires for growth.

    At times it may feel as though you are careening down, not knowing when you will land or what it will be like, but does the water worry as it rushes off the cliff? No, it is an emblem of surrender.

    What would your life feel or look like if you followed your internal promptings, instead of what you thought you should do (given your own expectations or  society's expectations, etc.)? 

    What would it be like if you knew that following these internal promptings--whether it's to get a cup of coffee or quit the job that drains you--would bring you all that you need?

    What if you knew that even in the darker spaces of your life, your soul is mining for gold, and that all you must do is surrender, have faith, and act as guided?

    What would it be like to surrender fully?

    Listen to your heart, dear ones. Listen to the still small voice that is within. Dare to trust yourself and your life. Dare to let yourself flow and know you are cared for, part of the great all-that-is.

    Know you are loved beyond measure.

    Autumn Equinox and Leaving a Season of Fire

    Dear Ones, 

    It took much courage to come here to earth. Give yourselves credit. It is human to expect that it should or will all be easy, but your soul incarnated for growth, and sometimes this means leaping into, or seemingly being thrown into, the fire. You may curse the fire as you are in it, throw up your hands and wonder why it seems so much is being stripped from you. But, dear ones, we ask you to remember that all is as it needs to be.

    Many of you find yourselves nearing the end of such a cycle, a cycle of loss, confusion, or fear, a time of walking through the fire. Some of you still feel the heat as it were, and in these moments, remember that you are loved and that you are love. Remember that while things may not look as you wish, while things may indeed be very challenging, you are seeking growth. You are seeking a deeper understanding of love, community, faith.

    Be with what's around you. Take comfort in the small things. Even if life does not look how you would like it to look right now, do your best to be with all that is. Be with, even, the frustration with not having what you might want, as well as the sweetness of what is here for you in this moment, whether it is a simple gesture from a stranger or the the food that you are able to eat.

    Today marks the Autumn Equinox, a time that heralds not only the coming change in seasons, but which stands as an emblem of balance. Now you are beginning to step into more balance, and you will find the fire fading behind you as you move into a season of greater comfort. This is another season, an earthly season, as well as a season of your soul. Embrace the changing. Embrace the shedding. Continue to allow yourselves to grieve the changes as you need to, and know that you are loved. Remember that change is ever present. Allow yourselves to flow into this new season, open to receiving what's ahead. 

    You are loved, always.


    Cycles of Letting Go and Re-creating

     Orion Nebula:

    Orion Nebula:

    This week is all about cycles of endings and beginnings, and I want to briefly write to you about this season we are in. There was a new moon (9/12). There was an eclipse (9/12-13). And, for those of us within the northern hemisphere, we are beginning to experience autumn.

    It is a time of shedding, even grieving, what no longer serves. It is a time to let go. It is a time of sitting in the blackness, feeling the emptiness of what we have let go of. And then, in this blackness, in this quiet and stillness that is represented by the new moon, in this space that is empty, it is a time for planting seeds of intention, preparing to create a new cycle.

    So I ask you these questions:

    What am I letting go of? 

    What does it look like to allow myself to be in this space of openness, darkness, receptivity? Can I be with the loss? Can I be with the space that is created for newness?

    What is it that I want to create in the future? 

    What is my deepest intention?

    This is how life is. It is not always sunny. It is not always raining or dark. It is rich in its ebb and flow. Embrace the ebb and flow within you. Embrace the connection to these cycles in the greater web of life.

    Look at the images of Orion's Nebula. Isn't this place of beginning beautiful? Floating out there in space? Stars are born from this, and you are already of the stars--star matter, flesh and blood, and part of a much greater dance.

    Are you ready? How will you shine?

    I love you all. I am lately very humbled by you and by life.

    Thank you as always for joining me in the journey. 

    My First Experience with Trance Mediumship, the Great Spirit Dr. Peebles & Three Principles for Living

    I want to introduce you to someone very special. This someone is, wellll….. a spirit guide, and not a “person” as we would think of people but very much a character, a remarkable being with a remarkable mission, who has touched my heart.

    Almost exactly 15 years ago, at age 15, I walked into a stranger’s living room, and had an experience that changed my life. I was a teenager, very in touch with my spirituality but nonetheless just as skeptical as I was open and curious. My entire life had been filled with experiences of spirit, of other lives, of other ways of experiencing time and existence, yet this was always my secret life, and something I battled with, even inside myself. I embraced it, yet was scared of it and often filled with judgment, too.

    I sat down on the floor, as a small crowd of people filled the room, squeezing into chairs and couches and filling up spaces on the floor, all facing a big wing-backed chair, where a woman named Summer, who I had never met, sat down. What I witnessed and experienced next changed my life yet was also always meant to happen.

    An unusual fluttery feeling filled my solar plexus and radiated through my body, as though I was in the presence of something big, something unnamable. I was buzzing. What I felt might be likened to anxiety but it wasn’t… It was what I later felt when I first met Amma, the “hugging saint,” the feeling of being in the presence of a huge amount of love, of an enlightened soul…and still…something more than that. As I buzzed and fluttered internally, still feeling a bit of apprehension, too, Summer’s body lurched and there was a large gasp, as something, someone altogether different took over. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, what I was feeling.

    Summer had told us about this spirit before she went into trance. His name was Dr. Peebles (yes, that seems like a goofy name; it’s Scottish), and during his most recent incarnation on earth, he was a medical doctor, naturopath, world traveller, former consulate to Turkey, and much more. He lived a full life and came into his enlightenment during his death transition. Ever since, he has popped up through different trance mediums across the world, with the mission of helping those who are incarnated to not only find and express the light and love within but to bring greater awareness of spirit to earth.

    Despite knowing I was in the presence of a trance medium, despite knowing a little about this spirit, despite both my curiosity and skepticism, I couldn’t have been prepared for this experience. Dr. Peebles burst through Summer’s little body with a booming voice and unusual accent. Part of me wanted to dash out of the door but I was also riveted. I watched and listened as this unusual occurrence played out—this person, this spirit, called out the names of different people in the room, telling them remarkable things about their lives, their path, and then suddenly I heard my name.

    “Is there a Tara here?” I cannot fully explain what happened next or what I felt, but Dr. Peebles seemed to look right into my soul, knowing things about me that I had told no one…about my grandmother who I had felt with me for several years, about my desire to travel, and even about, gulp, my “psychic gifts.” The power of being so deeply seen brought me to tears. It had been and remained an uncommon experience—I seemed to have a gift for seeing others but not allowing myself to be seen.

    When I could, I returned to this woman’s living room, to listen to all the remarkable things this spirit had to say. I soaked it up and was transformed, also quickly understanding that Dr. Peebles was with me, that I didn’t have to be in the proximity of a trance medium to understand his presence and his wisdom. Though, despite this, I still fought my relationship with spirit, in all forms, for many years to come.

    I have often felt that I owe Dr. Peebles and this most powerful trance medium my life. As many people on earth do, I had many struggles, many things I had to face in my early youth and beyond, and I often felt that without my connection to this remarkable soul, I would be a shriveled, bitter, angry person—quite the opposite of the qualities people associate with me…openness, compassion, humor. But his warmth as well as his firm guidance (he won’t let me get away with sh*t for a second…well, maybe a second…but…) kept me in contact with the truth of myself, the truth of my path, even when it wasn’t easy, even when I fought it. Over the years he has been able to see what I cannot fully see for myself, buried deep within yet always true, and has helped to draw that out into the light. This is one of the greatest gifts that can be given and something I am also realizing I can give, in varying degrees, to others. 

    I learned a great deal about life and the meaning of really loving through this great spirit (I swear he is laughing as I write this), but of course he reminded me this was always my choice—I could have chosen to be bitter or to close myself off from life in so many ways, even with his presence and guidance. And this is at the heart of what he teaches—self-responsibility.

    Dr. Peebles’ has three principles for living that, when (as he says) are used as tools in tandem, can transform your experience of life:

    1) Loving allowance for all things to be in their own time and place, starting for yourself.

    2) Increased communication with all of life, and with respect.

    3) Self-responsibility for your life as a creative adventure, for through your choices and perceptions, you do indeed create your own reality; never in your eternal soul have you been the victim but always the creator.

    Dr. Peebles will come up again in my writing (and you can be sure that if you work with me, or know me, he has some hand in what happens, hehe), but for now I encourage you to play with these three principles. Allow yourself to be—love yourself and your life as you are and as it is…now. Increase communication with the world around you—feel the grass under your feet or the acknowledge the birds that fly above you; show kindness to a stranger; call someone you love; be deeply honest. And, embrace the responsibility and creativity inherent in the awareness that how you choose to perceive life alters your experience of it; what you choose shapes what happens.

    And, last but not least, as Dr. Peebles says: “On the way to your own enlightenment, lighten up just a little bit more!”

    *If you would like to learn more about Dr. Peebles and this truly remarkable trance medium, please visit Summer’s website. I do not get anything from sending you to her, aside from knowing that maybe a few people will be as deeply touched as I was and continue to be.

    Honoring Vulnerability

    Recently I have been very moved by the vulnerability of others. I have witnessed people break down and break open, exposing--to themselves and others--true and deep, long hidden emotions, needs, and desires.  And, I too, have found myself ripped open, forced to face life fully, in the moment, with nothing to hide behind--simply me, my fears, my desires, and my beautiful openness with the world.

    I have also witnessed, at a more profound level than I seem to have ever seen, where others fear to be vulnerable.  I have seen the long-held resistance to opening up, the elaborate defenses that manifest in the body, the emotions, and the very way we respond to life. I have seen more clearly this resistance within others and found a deeper love for humanity, myself included, as I watch the fragility, the sweetness underneath the surface, patiently waiting for a time when the defenses will fall away.

    Surrendering to my own feelings of vulnerability has been one of the greatest transformers in my life, leading to greater expression of my true nature. There is no need to hide. There is no need to be or feel anything different from where you are and what you feel, and it is an act of courage to first honor what you feel and then find a means of expression for this feeling.

    My message this week is simple: embrace vulnerability. Embrace the sweet pain that may come, and be open to the strength and opportunity it will bring into your life.

    Where are the places you feel tender?

    Where is it hard for you to open up?

    Can you be open?

    Be with the discomfort. Surrender. Ask what this feeling has to teach you.

    Let these places be. Bear witness to them. Cultivate curiosity regarding your own resistance to being open.

    Love your wounds and guarded places, knowing they can become great sources of strength, transformation, and beauty.  Find the strength and courage within your most vulnerable moments.

    Have a beautiful week. I love you all, beyond words. 

    The Power of Love: How Dying Taught Me About Living

    A few years ago I had an experience that brought me into a very full realization that I am here to embody divine love, to channel it into all that I do, and that this is the potential of all human souls.  It is often said that love is the greatest force on earth, and I would have to agree. Love is what the journey is about here, the experiencing of love, the unfolding and expansion of it, and the embodiment of the very same. 

    This week, I feel to share what I wrote to friends on Valentine’s Day of 2008, after a dream that changed my life. While I did, also, once have a true near death experience, this dream remains one of my most powerful moments, a great teaching about what life is truly about.


    I am going to be vulnerable here, as much as I can, so it will be all I can do to get this out of my system -- let alone make it “pretty”... but most of you are used to my oftentimes-kooky writing!  I also warn you that there is an unpleasant moment that I will describe here, but it is part of what makes this all so... soo.. something.

    So... you know I feel living is a journey of love, one that is perpetually traveling inwards and spiraling outwards... merging and increasing internal and external love.  And in the last year in particular I have done a lot of questioning of love in all its facets... including questioning the place of male/female relationship, male/female love, feeling a lot of vacillation/ambivalence about it... and particularly in the last year, doing some odd dances around the subject, mostly ones that involved getting away from men...

    For some reason the night before Valentine’s Day I did not sleep well.  It was one of those rare nights where I kept waking up hot, tangled in the covers, disoriented, thinking about numerous school projects. Then, I finally fell into a deep sleep and dreamed one of the strangest dreams I’ve ever dreamed. (And I will preface this by saying: I do NOT watch the Sopranos, so this was not particularly related to that show...)

    The first portion of the dream involved being hunted down by Italian mobsters and having my throat slit while some of my girlfriends had to watch.  

    I didn't really run from the men in fear, nor did I put up a real fight (which you all know I would do in real life)... but I did not simply surrender to them either.  It was a dream; it was odd.  

    I could feel the slice, and the heat of my blood, and I could see it from the outside as well... from some place up high I could see my body held from behind, my head tilted back...  there was something strangely sacrificial about it.

    So then, there I was - dead, my spirit detached from my body, looking at it all from the outside.  I was able to communicate with my friends, and they understood that I had simply changed form, but were angry at the way it had happened.  

    Simultaneously, waves of thoughts and feelings came.  There was an initial “oh no! I’m dead!” and then a peace and a gratitude for the beautiful life I had lived, for the fullness I experienced…  "I had a great time!  Wow!"

    Then there was this agony... and I still feel it so strongly as I write this... this agony... this sadness... "I could have loved more deeply... I want the chance to love more deeply...  I want to feel and be more in that body…" in this body.

    Ok this is hard for me to write...

    I became painfully aware of how profound and deep our capacity to love is, but how rarely that potential is fully lived.

    I became clear that I do want love of a male/female sort, very clear about it...

    And that I just wanted to love, want to love, love everything and everyone... deeply, quietly, openly, as I learn to do with the children and horses, with nature...

    Then in the dream I became aware that I was dreaming and a huge rush of relief came over me -- I still have this chance!!! 

    I am still here in this body.

    Then, I 'actually' awoke.

    We all have this chance, but it is so hard to do.  Why is it so hard to love?  Not just others, but ourselves first?

    That’s what we are here for.  To love.

    I am quite certain of it.  The rest is secondary.

    Somehow this dream had a profound impact upon me and opened my heart... more.  But I am not quite sure what to do with it.  It is hard to stay open.  Yet, I do see the power in openness, in vulnerability and I remain committed to this path, no matter how much I may stumble and scrape my knees.

    It is a never-ending, challenging journey, this one of being alive.

    I also feel that loving has little to do with words--words are an extension of feeling, but they can also be thrown around.  Our communication can move without a sound, without a letter.  Certainly animals can teach us this.  The shape and form of love is not so important... and I am learning it has a lot more to do with a personal commitment that extends outwards, rather than... a false sense of duty... or decorum.

    I cried when I re-read this. It is such truth, and thinking back on this time, it is amazing to sense how far I have come, how much I have blossomed into myself and into this ability to not only love but surrender into that love that I always most easily found with children and horses. I am committed to openness, to the path of vulnerability, and to fiercely loving myself first always. For me, I also see that while male/female love will be a part of my overall dance in life, it is something that must come through this path of self-realization that I am currently walking, and must come through equal partnership with one who is committed to this path as well.

    Love is most certainly my religion--it is what guides me from within, and I have learned and am still learning to listen, lovingly, to myself first. Like all things it truly is a never-ending journey of expansion, one with no end point. Whenever I connect with a dearly departed loved one, or peer into soul dynamics, interrelationships, and so on, I see this search for love. It doesn’t always look pretty on the outside (life is just messy), but it is true without fail. It is universal. In a way, you could say that earth is a school of love with a wide range of classes, and our souls are here for a kind of study.

    Enjoy the journey to your hearts dear ones.  Surrender, little by little, into the truth of who you are. And, whatever is going on in your life, share love with yourself. Embrace who you are, right now, without apology.

    You are loved beyond measure. I love you always. I am here for you, in love.


    Survival Tips for Sensitive Souls

    My greatest “super power” is my sensitivity, and it is also my greatest challenge. My sensitivity makes me a wonderful teacher, as I innately and quickly understand my students. My sensitivity is also, obviously, what allows me to be a medium. But, much of my life I mistrusted and misunderstood my sensitivity, which made life pretty hard! And, even if you have some clarity about who you are as an empath…well, if you’re an often busy, functioning part of society, it can still be downright tough at times, and you might often feel raw or as though you’re carrying around other people’s “stuff.” So, here are some practical reminders to help you beautiful, sensitive people to clear and/or understand your own energy, and just, generally, cope. 

    Sacred Waters: Water is purifying to the energy field. These are some of my favorites.

    ·      Sea and ocean water –-Sitting by it is good. Wading in it is better. And, submerging yourself in the waves, you might find that you come out feeling like a new person.

    ·      Lakes, streams, and rivers—again, sit by them, put your feet in them…get in the water! 

    ·      Rose water (have it in a spray bottle!). Roses have a very high vibration, and pure rose water, when used as a mist, can help clarify and elevate your energy.

    ·      Salt and/or Epsom soaks. Even if you don’t have a bathtub, soak your feet!

    ·      Spring Water--if you can find a safe source, drink it!

    Cleansing Smoke: Sage, Palo Santo, and sweet grass are great for smudging, though sweet grass is not as good if you’re dealing with a lot of heavy energies or negativity. If you are not sensitive to this smoke and/or not living with those who are, this is a wonderful way to clear your personal energy field and space. Try it. See what happens and what you feel. 

    Earthing: Put your feet on the ground. Really. Take off your shoes and put your feet on the earth. Ask that mother earth take away any static energy in your body, and receive her nurturing, grounding, and peace in return. And, if you like to (or want to) garden, go garden! I mean, really put those hands and feet in the dirt.

    You Time: Take a little time everyday to feel your own energy. Sit with and be with who you are.  Carve out time to be alone. Set the intention to really feel your sprit within your body. Who are you? What does this energy feel like? Over time, you can use this experience of yourself as a reference point. The more self-awareness, self-love, and genuine self-appreciation you cultivate, the more you will understand what sensations are yours. This in turn will change every aspect of your life. You will be able to say yes to what feels right, and no to what doesn’t. And, if you don’t have these abilities already, in time, you can also learn to sense what is happening in your own energy body--Has it become fuzzy or muddy? Are you carrying the weights and emotions of others?--and directly change these things.

    BREATHE! OK, you know that. I know that. But we all forget from time to time! It is one of the most powerful tools you possess: your breath. Play with it. Use it. Learn to breathe into your belly. Feel life through your breath.

    Enjoy your sensitivity dear ones. Be who you are. Allow yourself to grow, change, unfold, and embrace the journey.

    Much love to you, always.

    Deep Listening: What are your body and soul seeking right now?

    Happy August, all! We just had a powerful Blue Moon, and people are having all kinds of "feels." Today I am reflecting on the power of listening to the Self. So, I want to ask you this:

    What if you allowed yourself to feel what you feel without labeling it good or bad? Can you spiral into your deepest core and know what it wants?

    Lately I have had a need for deep rest and silence. The power and pull of the "to do" in our culture is tremendous. Yet, my body says, "rest." My sprit says, "silence." And, I am called to simply enjoy the sound of the wind in the trees, the rush of the freeway in the distance, the sound of birds making announcements and having conversations…

    And, even as I strive to listen to this call within, other spects of my life have been pushing me further into this, as though to say: “Tara, just rest.” The other day, for example, it seemed as though my computer became "possessed." In fact, it was “possessed” for several days, doing some of the most amazing and crazy things on its own, and it got to the point where I often couldn’t use it. This could have been a source of panic for me, as I am still actively working on my website, as well as using an email program that is very much tied to both that website and this particular computer, etc. But I kept taking this as a message to slow down more, to literally unplug, and turn my computer off!

    And then there’s the phone. Yesterday afternoon I left the house to go to the beach with a friend, and I had 70% battery. But with only two apps running…that puppy died in about an hour and a half! Record time! Again, my electronics managed to unplug themselves! So, I took an opportunity to leave myself unplugged.

    I could have had resistance to these things, even real upset when it came to the computer. But, honestly, the computer is fine, and so is my phone, now that I’ve literally unplugged more. (I might still investigate the computer issue though, just to be sure… ;) ).

    Despite what we may perceive, the world around us wants the best for us. We internalize the need to push--society seems to say "go, go, go!"--but it is for us to listen and learn what our bodies and souls want, and we will often find that life conspires to help us with just that.

    It is in listening to the deep core of who we are, letting ourselves unfold from the inside out, that our lives become a genuine dance. We allow those who resonate with us to come into our lives and easily let go of what is not in our best interest to hang onto. The soul has the greatest wisdom, and it speaks through the body in whispers, sensations, and intuition (and through electronics and other things also, but more on that another time). The point is, you are the locus of your life. Your authentic self is needed in this world, even, or especially, when that means spending a day in your comfiest clothes with the phone turned off!

    So, what are you needing? What calls from deep within? Are you desiring adventure, to shake up what you have known of life? Are you needing to dance with wildness? Or, do you need to curl up like a cat and let life pass by for a while, feeling the deep contentment of just being?

    What is it that you need?

    Listen to your soul as it speaks to you. Listen to its subtle whispers that reveal themselves as sensations in your body, flashes of intuition, and pure knowing. Learn to listen to and follow the truth of yourself. There is a space within you that knows. It is infinite.

    Make the journey to your heart and soul an adventure in and of itself. You are your own never ending story, a process of unfolding.

    Thank you for sharing this journey of growth with me.

    Sending you love and healing energy from my place of rest and quiet this week.