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Guidance and Healing: Quantum Leaps (Eight Sessions)

Guidance and Healing: Quantum Leaps (Eight Sessions)


Alternating between Healing Sessions and Guidance Allows for powerful shifts. Healing Sessions offer a space for you to go deeply into receiving mode and release what no longer serves—old patterns, ancestral trauma, deep wounds that need to be witness and healed. Guidance sessions create a sacred space to identify areas of growth and gain practical awareness and power as you step into even more of your highest path.

The two together pack a powerful punch that accelerates growth.

This package is four of each, Healing and Guidance.

“I just wanted to say thank you (which hardly seems like enough) for our healing session.

For so long I have heard that things would change when I could love myself more and really embrace self love. It seemed like no matter what I did I could never love myself enough to get past the hump. Our session made me realize how far I had buried some things that were making me feel undeserving of love even from myself. It was hard to bring some of that up and to sit with it, but you shined such a bright gentle light in that I knew it was ok to let it out and let it go. I know there is so much integration and healing still to do but the change I have felt in the last few days is indescribable. Thank you for sharing your light with me!”

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