Four Pillars for Peace

As Tara began working with clients in a deeper capacity, she realized she was supporting each person to live through four principles, beginning with deep listening to self. After more than half a lifetime of studying the three principles of Dr Peebles, these were adapted to support each of her clients with the addition of a fourth to make a foundation. And, when studied, applied, and lived, these pillars do transform one's life and allow for a state of peace within the flow of life, and the power to enjoy a life that feels aligned, which is what everyone is truly seeking.


1: Deep Listening 

The capacity to listen deeply to self is the foundation of an authentic connection with life and Spirit. Learning to listen to the body's wisdom, and all the ways our soul speaks to us, creates the space to let go of society's conditioning and move into life from the heart. From this space, we are also more capable of fully hearing others.

2: Loving Allowance

When we allow ourself to be as we are right now, and offer this to others, as well, we create a space for even more transformation and power. True healing comes through LOVE, and we can offer this gift to ourselves and others, everyday, giving the gift of loving and embracing right where we are, even if we want change. This is actually the birthplace of true and lasting change.


3: Compassionate Communication

All of life is communication. At the most essential level, we are communicating with the chair we sit in, the earth we stand on. When we become conscious of how we are communicating with all of life (including self!), life becomes more and more magical!

 4: Creative Empowerment

We are always the authors of our lives. Our souls come to learn some specific lessons, and certainly some of these can be quite challenging. Yet life becomes more free and beautiful when we accept our role and responsibility in all of it. And from here, utilizing all the other principles, we can co-create beautiful lives with the Divine, within and without.