How do I schedule my session? 


How do I prepare for my session? 

To schedule your session, contact Tara Rose at or 510-631-8445 (US only/no texts). Once your time is confirmed, payment is due to hold your spot! 


Prior to your session, please take a little time to set your intention. What do you want guidance about? Where is there healing needed? Sit with it and write it down. If you have scheduled a Spiritual Counseling Session, please gather whatever questions you may want to have answered, too. These are not for me to have ahead of time, but can rather guide the session and help you make the best use of the time we have together. This precious time is for you and about you!


How are sessions conducted?

Sessions are conducted over Zoom, which is a lot like Skype, but you don't have to have an account! At the time of our session, I email you an invitation to our meeting. You can then either click on the invite link that will take you to a video conference with me, or you can call in, using a number provided! Numbers are available for most countries around the globe, so you don't have to worry about fees, either! This technology is new to most but is very simple and self-explanatory--no preparation required!


What session or package is best for me?

Spiritual Counseling Session: this space is for guidance and discussion about any aspect of life; space to freely discuss and receive clarity about any life topic from career and spiritual development, to relationships and daily habits; learning techniques for accessing your own intuition and guidance more deeply is also often touched upon. These sessions are also the place for mediumship and animal communication, if desired.

Healing Session: this is energy healing for a deeper sense of wholeness and well-being that addresses physical, energetic, and emotional bodies, including chakra adjustments; this work is primarily non-verbal with some guided mediation and/or channeled messages.

Session Package: this is for you if you know you want to work with me more than once or twice and/or are creating long-term change; are looking for a direct line into a new chapter of life; are moving from one phase of being into another; or unravelling deeper patterns. Session packages can be used over time as needed, or, as mentioned above, they can also be utilized to address specific life changes or challenges. Session packages offer significant savings on individual session prices and expire within a year.

Private Video Card Reading: this is a good choice if you are more interested in the tarot and oracle cards and would not necessarily like to meet one on one! Your private link is sent within 24hrs of recording, and all orders are scheduled into my calendar, just like other appointments!


What can I expect?
















Each session is different, depending upon the individual. However, here are some things to expect:

*Greater clarity around life's challenging questions, situations, and decisions

*Greater understanding of relationships  (romantic connections, friendships, family dynamics) from a higher perspective

*Seeing clear next steps in life

*Communication with pets and dearly departed loved ones if desired

*A deeper sense of Peace

*Understanding and letting go of old patterns

*Understanding why the soul chooses certain experiences 

*Releasing limiting beliefs and energy blockages that are ready to leave your life

*Releasing energy patterns behind physical illness

*Increased sense of well-being and health

*Creating new ways of being and thinking that lead to more fulfillment

*Chakra clearing and balancing

*Oracle Card Reading if desired


For further questions please contact Tara at 510-631-8445 (US only/no texts) or!