Take the Transformation to New Levels.

Deeper. Higher. More YOU!

"I feel a bit emotional that it is the end of the package... I am taking time to integrate all I have learned from you. And I have learned so much. It is not possible to say the impact you have had on my life. Some of your guidance is so subtle but so deeply fundamental. I feel truly blessed to have connected with you. Thank you from deep in my heart and soul for being you and for being here." ~L. B., UK

Working with me over time takes expansion, healing, and transformation to new heights and depths.

Each session is an opportunity to witness and clear limiting beliefs, unfold new layers of your power and truth, and connect new dots!

These meetings provide a space for support with different areas of life. Tools and guided meditations are often shared to help you connect more deeply with your truth and live an even more satisfying life.

Packages are tailored to fit your needs. The following are a few common options. Please contact Tara before purchase to assure fit and availability!


Guidance: Diving Deeper

This is an opportunity to dive deep and really uncover more of your truth and power, transforming your life in the process! This is sacred space for YOU.


Guidance: Supplemental Support

This package is best if you have already worked with Tara for a while, and want additional support on your path.


Healing and Guidance: Quantum Leaps

This is an opportunity to both receive consistent guidance as well energy healing to assist in transforming old trauma and patterns.

To discuss what will serve your growth best, contact tararose@healertararose.com. We can schedule a 15-20min call, regarding options for YOU.

"One of the smartest things I’ve done was to follow my instincts with you. Thank you for showing up for me." ~Dionka J, USA

Connecting over time, I also helps you explore living through the Four Pillars for Peace, guiding you towards practical shifts for living an empowered life of peace, aligned with YOUR soul's mission and truth.

Meetings are typically once a month, as much usually unfolds between each session, as our work together is about empowering new ways of being in your life!

Some areas where you will receive support and experience transformation:

  • Creating more fulfilling connections

  • Changing relationship patterns

  • Shifting limiting beliefs and uncovering new areas of life to become free

  • Moving into the heart more deeply

  • Forging deeper connection and flow with Spirit in your life

  • Feeling deeper fulfillment and peace

  • Finding greater purpose

  • Being empowered to step more fully into your dreams

  • Moving into increased states of flow

  • Opening to receive from life at deeper levels

  • Support on the Divine Love Journey, if this is part of your path

  • Inner child healing

  • Past life and chakra clearing

You Are The One, so this is always about you embracing more of YOU!