I want to introduce you to someone very special.

This someone is, wellll….. a spirit guide, and not a “person” as we would think of people but very much a character, a remarkable being with a remarkable mission, who has touched my heart.

Almost exactly 15 years ago, at age 15, I walked into a stranger’s living room, and had an experience that changed my life. I was a teenager, very in touch with my spirituality but nonetheless just as skeptical as I was open and curious. My entire life had been filled with experiences of spirit, of other lives, of other ways of experiencing time and existence, yet this was always my secret life, and something I battled with, even inside myself. I embraced it, yet was scared of it and often filled with judgment, too.

I sat down on the floor, as a small crowd of people filled the room, squeezing into chairs and couches and filling up spaces on the floor, all facing a big wing-backed chair, where a woman named Summer, who I had never met, sat down. What I witnessed and experienced next changed my life yet was also always meant to happen.

An unusual fluttery feeling filled my solar plexus and radiated through my body, as though I was in the presence of something big, something unnamable. I was buzzing. What I felt might be likened to anxiety but it wasn’t… It was what I later felt when I first met Amma, the “hugging saint,” the feeling of being in the presence of a huge amount of love, of an enlightened soul…and still…something more than that. As I buzzed and fluttered internally, still feeling a bit of apprehension, too, Summer’s body lurched and there was a large gasp, as something, someone altogether different took over. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, what I was feeling.

Summer had told us about this spirit before she went into trance. His name was Dr. Peebles (yes, that seems like a goofy name; it’s Scottish), and during his most recent incarnation on earth, he was a medical doctor, naturopath, world traveller, former consulate to Turkey, and much more. He lived a full life and came into his enlightenment during his death transition. Ever since, he has popped up through different trance mediums across the world, with the mission of helping those who are incarnated to not only find and express the light and love within but to bring greater awareness of spirit to earth.

Despite knowing I was in the presence of a trance medium, despite knowing a little about this spirit, despite both my curiosity and skepticism, I couldn’t have been prepared for this experience. Dr. Peebles burst through Summer’s little body with a booming voice and unusual accent. Part of me wanted to dash out of the door but I was also riveted. I watched and listened as this unusual occurrence played out—this person, this spirit, called out the names of different people in the room, telling them remarkable things about their lives, their path, and then suddenly I heard my name.

“Is there a Tara here?” I cannot fully explain what happened next or what I felt, but Dr. Peebles seemed to look right into my soul, knowing things about me that I had told no one…about my grandmother who I had felt with me for several years, about my desire to travel, and even about, gulp, my “psychic gifts.” The power of being so deeply seen brought me to tears. It had been and remained an uncommon experience—I seemed to have a gift for seeing others but not allowing myself to be seen.

When I could, I returned to this woman’s living room, to listen to all the remarkable things this spirit had to say. I soaked it up and was transformed, also quickly understanding that Dr. Peebles was with me, that I didn’t have to be in the proximity of a trance medium to understand his presence and his wisdom. Though, despite this, I still fought my relationship with spirit, in all forms, for many years to come.

I have often felt that I owe Dr. Peebles and this most powerful trance medium my life. As many people on earth do, I had many struggles, many things I had to face in my early youth and beyond, and I often felt that without my connection to this remarkable soul, I would be a shriveled, bitter, angry person—quite the opposite of the qualities people associate with me…openness, compassion, humor. But his warmth as well as his firm guidance (he won’t let me get away with sh*t for a second…well, maybe a second…but…) kept me in contact with the truth of myself, the truth of my path, even when it wasn’t easy, even when I fought it. Over the years he has been able to see what I cannot fully see for myself, buried deep within yet always true, and has helped to draw that out into the light. This is one of the greatest gifts that can be given and something I am also realizing I can give, in varying degrees, to others. 

I learned a great deal about life and the meaning of really loving through this great spirit (I swear he is laughing as I write this), but of course he reminded me this was always my choice—I could have chosen to be bitter or to close myself off from life in so many ways, even with his presence and guidance. And this is at the heart of what he teaches—self-responsibility.

Dr. Peebles’ has three principles for living that, when (as he says) are used as tools in tandem, can transform your experience of life:

1) Loving allowance for all things to be in their own time and place, starting for yourself.

2) Increased communication with all of life, and with respect.

3) Self-responsibility for your life as a creative adventure, for through your choices and perceptions, you do indeed create your own reality; never in your eternal soul have you been the victim but always the creator.

Dr. Peebles will come up again in my writing (and you can be sure that if you work with me, or know me, he has some hand in what happens, hehe), but for now I encourage you to play with these three principles. Allow yourself to be—love yourself and your life as you are and as it is…now. Increase communication with the world around you—feel the grass under your feet or the acknowledge the birds that fly above you; show kindness to a stranger; call someone you love; be deeply honest. And, embrace the responsibility and creativity inherent in the awareness that how you choose to perceive life alters your experience of it; what you choose shapes what happens.

And, last but not least, as Dr. Peebles says: “On the way to your own enlightenment, lighten up just a little bit more!”

*If you would like to learn more about Dr. Peebles and this truly remarkable trance medium, please visit Summer’s website. I do not get anything from sending you to her, aside from knowing that maybe a few people will be as deeply touched as I was and continue to be.