Transformational Guidance


Transformational Guidance


These sessions give guidance on any area of your life, from love relationships (including those on a Divine Love path), family, and career, life choices and challenges, to spiritual development and awakening. Tarot will be used as well if desired!

They also often encompass healing and connection with those who have passed, as well as communication with our furry friends! First and foremost, however, these sessions are about empowering you to live in alignment with your soul. You Are The One.

This is an opportunity to dig deep into your soul and enhance your own connection with self, Spirit, and all of life.

*Note, it is highly recommended to purchase an audio recording of your session. However, because these recordings take an additional 30-60min to process, they are extra and can be purchased if desired!

These sessions are conducted over Zoom and are scheduled at 1pm and 6pm pacific Tuesday - Thursday. When you purchase your session, Tara will reply to your order and put you on the schedule!

*Spiritual Guidance Sessions are scheduled at 1pm and 6pm Pacific Tuesday through Thursday*

“I want to thank you for a great session; sometimes it takes someone outside of yourself to help you understand the information that’s already there.”

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